Full Name: Wolzard
Alternate Spelling: Urzard, Ulzard
Phonetically said on the show: Uruzaado
Weapons: WolSabre, Jagun Shield
Giant Height: 26.3 m
Giant Length: 17.5 m
Giant Width: 8.5 m
Giant Weight: 900 tons
Companion: Valkyrion

He was the one to release the Infershia to the Earth and is a wizard. 'Ur' refers to the Wolf in Japanese, hence the wolves on his shoulders. The 'Zard' is from Wizard. The appearance of the Magiranger did upset him. He can enlarge himself, he makes the Infershia symbol appear and jumps through it and he looks exactly the same. He combines with his Valkyrion. His Jagun Shield contains the eye of N. Ma. He haunts Kai alot in his dreams and when he was awake. Kai goes after him in Episode 6. A child gets in the middle of the fight and Wolzard doesn't strike Kai when he is covering the child. This puzzles Kai, making him say that Wolzard has courage and wizards have courage. Mandora-boy points out that Wolzard is a dark wizard, very different. Wolzard often challanges Kai to go to the next level of power because it amuses him. The Magirangers seemingly defeat Wolzard in Episode 6 as MagiPhoenix and MagiDragon but he returns. He returns and turns into Wolzard and steals their ability to become MagiKing in episode 6 and gives it to Stone Troll and they get it back in episode 9. In Episode 8, Kai is in a nightmare world where Wolzard is defeating him, Tsubasa defeats that Wolzard.
In Episode 9, Vankyuria stabs him (as Wolkaizer) with an arrow which ends up on Valkyrion. Because the arrow ended up on his horse, Wolzard was able to go to the Infershia. He was more upset at Buranken than Nai and Mea. N. Ma stopped Buranken and Wolzard from fighting. In Episode 17, Lunagel thought he was Raijiel but she was wrong, it was actually Memmi. In Episode 32, Memmi infected MagiLegendKing with red mold and Wolzard took it off. How Wolzard came to be was that the sky saint Bragel, the Magiranger's father, was betrayed by Raijel and injured. N.Ma targeted the injury and made him into Wolzard.
In Episodes 33-34, Wolzard sends the siblings into the Infreshia lair and chains them up so N.Ma can take their Legend powers. Kai gets to the point where he powers up and uses his father's attack Blazing Storm. Wolzard becomes Bragel and hits N.Ma before he hits the rangers. Bragel then becomes thier father and uses good magic to get them out of their. They only managed to get on the outside of the lair in the carvens. Vankyuria takes Bragel away and distraced the rangers with Chimera. N.Ma put Wolzard under his control over again. Kai fought Wolkazier as Saintkaizer and then as Wolzard and MagiRed. The siblings broke down to the point that Wolzard reverted to their good father again. As Bragel he sacrificed himself and faced down with N.Ma. It was later revealed in episode 40 that Isamu and N.Ma were combined in Wolzard. Sleipner drawed him out in episode 42 and Wolzard fought him with good magic. Vankyuria is given one of Dagon's scales to track Wolzard and find him encased in protective casing. Dagon, Titan and Wyvern go after him, Wyvern fights him and Wolzard uses Blazing Storm against Wyvern, making him fall. Titan beats up Wolzard and destroys the evil Jagun Shield. At the end, Dagon takes N.Ma out of Wolzard, rendering him into an injured Bragel and drops him into the fiery depths.