The numbers stand for the following magical commands:
1. 'Maaji' to have a strange change
2. 'Jiruma' to use a technique
3. 'Jijiru' to use an weapon
4. 'Majine' aganist hte enemy
5. 'Jinga' unite
6. 'Majiro' body
7. 'Majika' usage of elemental energy/power
8- 'Jii' using the phone itself
9- 'Majuna' To use the power of light
0- 'Maji' A soldier/person
They were given these by their mother. Their powers come from heaven and this is a way of communicating to it and obtaining their powers. This is transformational item doubles as a wand. It also serves as a locator when the Infershia are atatcking. They dial different codes to perform an act. They dial 106 (Magi Magi Magiro) to become Magiranger. When they transform, a humanoid mythical creature known as their Sky Saints. Everytime their phone rings, a new code/spell comes up or they are being called to action.

"Jii Magika" powers up the Magisticks using Mahou power and "Jii Jijiru" transforms them into weapons. "Magi. Magika" ingintes their elemental finisher using Mahou Power (Red Fire, Green Ground, Yellow Thunder, Pink Storm and Blue Splash)
MagiStick BowGun
MagiYellow can extend the sides and pull them down to the bottom to make a crossbow.
MagiStick Axe
MagiGreen can fold the sides up and bull them down to make an axe.

MagiStick Sword
MagiRed can extend the bottom blade it becomes as a sword.

MagiMother's MagiStick
MagiMother also has along MagiStick and it has a snowflake symbol. When she was defeated, the Oz kids kept her Magistick.

Crystalization Dawn
Mandora-boy gave Tsubasa a book indicating 'Crystilization Dawn' to cure Houka from Vankyuria's vampire hold in Episode 12. He made the yellow crystal and used it as a point on his MagiStick Crossbow. He used his lighting attack on Vankyuria, it powered down Houka and removed the spell. He made another one in episode 16 and she smashed it again.

Mahou Glove Magipunch
In episode 14, a punching monster Ghoul beats up the rangers and Tsubasa points his MagiPhone at Kai's hands and gives him these gloves to combat Ghoul. In episode 15, Houka uses the gloves. In episode 23, Tsubasa uses them. (886) 'Ji Ji Jijiru' calls for the gloves.

Hikaru's henshin device, first appearance in episode 20. He becomes Sungel and then MagiShine. He punches a card with the end of it like a hole puncher. Used for various magic spells including calling for MagiTrain, with a MagiTicket, he uses the spell "Gooru Goru Gorudiiro". Different cards can be placed in there for a different command.

Memory: Often uses it on the girls, places it on their heads to see a memory.
Travelion: Ticket to use the magic express.
Fashion: Used to call the Oath Rings and change their clothes to caveman or ninja.
Barrier: Slowed down the chasm in Tsubas's chest.
Toine: Formed Travelion.
Liberation: Creates a forcefield.

temporary picture Magilamp Buster
The MagiLamp where Smoky lives in can also become a gun. In Episode 20, Kai tries shooting from it with no avail. MagiShine only has to rub it and blasts come out. When he does the 'Shining Attack', Smoky shoots out.

Each Legend Magiranger gets a MagiDialRod which is a combination of their MagiPhones and Magisticks which features a lion and firebird which are their legend majuu. They make spells with the number dials. They do their elemental attacks with their rods respectfully. Their team attack is 'Jii Goru MagiBolt'. ' Maagi Goru Gojika' is Urara's spell for her Fantasic Splash.

DialRod Bow Gun
Premiered in Episode 38. When Tsubasa outsmarted Cyclops who already had gunned down his siblings by finding his hideout. He then called the DialRod Bow Gun with the spell Goo Majiiro. He let Cyclops get hold of his sniper, Tsubasa dodged his bullets and sent an electric blast toward Cyclops through his Bow Gun.

Mahou Keetai Mother Phone
Once Miyuki comes back in episode 44, her MagiPhone rings, she answers it and it becomes white and silver. She uses the same henshin call. In the OVA Special, the Goddess of the water spring in the chess box the Magiranger always practice in presented a Silver version that "brings peace, like the snow falling on the ground" which Kai didn't choose but later helped him.

Fire Wolzaphone
Isamu transforms into Fire Wolzard with his new henshin device in episode 45. "Goolu Golu Golu Goludiiro"

Wolsabre / Jagun Shield
Wolzard's sword and shield changed to red for Wolzard Fire. The shield has lost the eye.

Golden Grip Phone
In the OVA Special, the Goddess of the water spring in the chess box the Magiranger always practice in presented the golden Grip Phone which Kai selects. He becomes KaiShine, a MagiShine with a red scarf. The Grip Phone can make your wishes reality. Kai calls upon the King Calibur aganist Hikaru, beating him. He eventually becomes Dark Beast Spider when he thinks of a spider after thinking of getting Yamazaki as a date.