Tenkkuseijya (Sky Saints)

Powerful beings from the world in the clouds called Magitopia, created by the Five Legendary Magicians that the Magiranger draw their power from them. Some of them were stuck on Earth and come to their aid in many ways.

Frajiel / Fragel Porujeru / Bolgel

Granjeru Winjeru / Wingel

The Five Legendary Magicians were once human who mastered magic to the point of becoming Sky Saints. Snowjiel was their pupil. The siblings meet them in the movie when they visit to Magitopia. They didn't speak.

Translation: Moon Angel
Alternate Spelling: Luna Jiyueru, Lunagel, Lunajiel
Full name: Moon Shadow Elemental ...
Episode Appearances: 15-18, 31-34, 49
She is a SkySaint, the Magiranger try to restore her memories that were sealed by Raijel. She uses the element of moonlight. She has the key that will open the Inferno Gate. In episode 15, she is among of a crowd who is running from a exploding building, the Infreshia track her down in Episode 16. The Ozu siblings named her Rin, because of the little bellon her bracelet. She hummed the Magitopia theme that the kids heard often from a musical angel. Tsubasa made a memory potion that refreshed her memory, but she didn't want to take it.
Lunagel was the last one to see Bragel, their father and he went into the Inferno Gate to fight. He told her to not get involved and the door closed in her face. Then Raijel came after her. Then as Lunagel, she wanted to destroy the Infreshia herself, only to be captured to complete Buranken's plan to open the Inferno Gate. In episode 18, Wolzard held her hostage. Kai saved her and she returned to her heavenly place. From there, she closed the Inferno Gate and it returned back to place. She returns in episode 31 to calm down the ranger's elemental powers that have grown out of control thanks to the Legend power. She stays until episode 33.

They see her in the movie when they arrive to the Heavenly Great Hall in Magitopia. She was at the door and led them to Magiel.

When N.Ma attacks the Heavenly Great Hall, he hurts Lunagel and Magiel teleports her away where she interupts Hikaru and Urara's first kiss as husband and wife in Episode 47.

Hikaru's true form, he is the Sky Saint of the Sun. He, Lunagel, Bragel, and Raigel fought the Infreshia fifteen years ago. In episode 34, he agrees to have a chained duel with Raijel and ultimately defeates him. He is forced into his Sungel form in episode 38 while fighting the Infreshia god Drake. He uses the Saint Sword aganist Drake in episode 42.
In the movie, Glum shoots MagiShine in the face and he disapates into millions of pieces much to his glee but Sungel appears behind him and shines him off with his attack.

Alternate Spellings: Raijel, Raigel
Memmi's true and former form. He betrayed the other sky saints. It is revealed in episode 33 that while fighting along with Bragel, Lunagel, and Sungel, he pretended a Haizobiru had him and Bragel saved him. He already was in cahoots with Zee the Yeti who hit Bragel's left shoulder when his back is turned. He had a big fight with Sungel and turned Sungel into a frog and he became mummified and they got sealed in a cave. The Magiranger were tricked to open the cave and Vankyuria took Raigel back and N.Ma made him into Memmy. He challenged Sungel to a Magitopia Duel Bond and was destroyed by him with his own sword, turning into sand.

Translation: Brave Angel
Alternate Spelling: Brajiel
Instead of having been dead in an expedition in Antarctica, the Ozu father was a great magician who fought the Infreshia. The Ozu siblings don't know where he is as of now. Seen in a flashback in Episode 33. His main attack was the Blazing Storm. Fifteen years ago, Bragel was betrayed by Raigel and hit on the shoulder by Zee the Yeti.
Then he faced N.Ma but he was able to target his wound and transform him into Wolzard. Once N.Ma had his children hostage and MagiRed used his own attack, Wolzard became Bragel and fought N.Ma. who got control of him again but ultimately he became Bragel again and was able to take down N.Ma in Episode 34. Legend powers were returned to the rangers. As their father, he used good magic. He became Bragel once again in Episode 44 when Dagon sucked N.Ma out of him and he was in the depths of Hades. His wife found him in episode 45 and healed him in 46 for him to save his family. He duels with his son as Bragel in Episode 48. More information on him in Isamu/Wolzard Fire.

Translation: Chrono/Time Angel
Alternative Spelling: Chronojiel
Element of Time, sky saint who lives in another dimension in the form of a mountain. Present in Episode 24. The mountain has his thoughts. In Episode 23, MagiYellow used the Reverse Magic to try and reverse time, he was stricken with a horrible side effect, opening a chasm through his chest from which a dark whirlwind. MagiShine sealed him with the Barrier Magic, but afterwards set off to find Chronogel's staff, the only thing that could reverse the effects of the reverse magic on Tsubasa. After overcoming the odds, and even Wolzard's mind games, Hikaru removed the staff. Wolzard, however, used it as a chance to take out the unmoving Chronogel, killing him with a blast from his shield. Wolzard took the staff and Travelion fought Wolkaizer and Hikaru was able to recover the staff. He stirred the staff around the infection and healed Tsubasa.

An female infant ice Sky Saint whose teacher was the five Legendary Magicians. When the Magiranger needed help against Zee the Yeti, Sungel told them to go to the Marudeyona World called the Lamentation Sea. The sea was made of Snowjiel's tears, tears shed over the loss of Bragel and betrayal of Raijel. Smoky and the Magiranger reeled a fish out and were swallowed in. They encountered a cocoon fashioned like a baby wrap and it was really her, testing them. When her cocoon opened, she had a deeper voice. Her eyes remain closed. Once the Magiranger showed they were worthy (and showed their rings), her eyes opened and tears rolled down. She upgraded them with Legend powers. She first appears in Episode 30. In episode 35, Hikaru speaks to her on a cliff about the defeat of Raijel and asks her about the Infreshia gods. She told him to beware of the Dark Aurora.
In Episode 41, Snowjiel is concerned of how the Magiranger are doing with the gods and tells Hikaru to be Kai's pupil. When Drake is attacking the city and Hikaru didn't obey her, she adapts a more adult form and has high-level fighting skills. She drags Drake into a portal to a Marudeyona world and invites the rangers in. She demotes Sungel as their teacher and takes the position for herself. She steps back in Episode 42 when Sungel has learned his lesson. Isamu and Miyuki speaks to her in her infant form in episode 47 about Magitopia needing protection. She later returns in her adult form to lend a hand fighting N.Ma in episode 49.

Heavenly Great Saint Magiel
Translation: Magic Angel
A Sky Saint of Magic, appears in the movie and episode 48. Played by the truly legendary Sentai actress Machiko Soga. She hails from the Heavenly Great Hall. She is giant and at first she refused to let Ozu siblings borrow Unigolon because Magitopian law says that only humans should deal with matters on their own. Magiel even admitted she frowned on both Blagel's choice to sacrifice himself and Miyuki's intent to learn magic. But after seeing thy had the same courage their parents showed, Magiel gave them Unigolon. She also made an exception on the distribution of the Legendary Magicians' power to the Ozu Siblings. N.Ma attacks her palace and she teleports Lunagel away while they fight. He thinks he defeats her but she fools him, by going to the Flower Garden of Souls. A year after N Ma's destruction, she was still getting used to Urara, a human living on the rebuilt Magitopia.