The gems they wear around their necks.

{Urara's Divination Crystal Ball}
Urara has a small crystal ball she waves her Magiphone at to see either the future or present events that only she can see. Sometimes she just gets feelings or short images. When she carries it around, it is mounted on a small blue pillow.

Oath Rings
They use these golden rings with their element jewel. The MagiShine ring has always been on Hikaru's finger. He gives the rings to them in episode 24 when Tsubasa in a bed suffering from a chasm in his chest. Each episode after that, it would shine after each pupil had proved themselves to their sensei Hikaru. The Oath Rings took on whole new meaning in episode 47 when Hikaru and Urara exchanged them as their wedding vow.

Heavenly Flower Brooch
This item is the center attention in the Magiranger vs Dekaranger special. A brooch from Miyuki given as a gift to Swan and Doggie but then somehow ending up in Houka's hands again. Apollo and Babon are after it to power their Apotrex to destroy the world. The two teams finally got possession of the brooch and used its power to destroy the duo.