Infershia Monsters > Dark Beasts Reffered to as meijuu which means Hades Beasts.
Height: 503 cm (a regular monster is around 200 cm)
Weight: 306 cm
Myth Origin: A troll is a fearsome member of a mythical anthropomorph race from Scandinavian folklore. One type is similar to the ogres of English fairy tales.
This giant beast (not mecha-giant, taller than a two-story house) attacked the suburb area where the Oz family lives at until Magimother freezes him with her power and he shatters apart. He was quickly disposed of.

Height: 27.4 m
Weight: 33 tons
His club-shaped hand also becomes a cannon that spits out pea-looking pellets. He ate MagiRed and Magigreen literally and there were sneezed out when MagiPink becomes a pepper shaker. They fight with him in their Majin forms.
EPISODE THREE: Dark Beast Worm
Height: 52.3 m
Length: 105.7 m
Weight: 82.8 tons
This huge eight headed worm would jump out of the ground and devour their victims. Whichever Haizobiru that would smack their whip on the ground, this worm would come out. They used MagiDragon aganist it. MagiPhoenix kicked a fire ball from MagiDragon to destroy this one.
EPISODE FOUR: Cockatrice
Height: 205 cm to 49 m
Weight: 103 kg to 24.6 tons
Myth Origin: A mythical creature with dragon's form and a rooster's head. Its reputed magical abilities include turning people to stone by either looking at them, touching them, or sometimes breathing on them, like a dragon breathing fire. Also reffered to as a Basilisk.
He would turn his victims to stone with his breath, including MagiBlue. MagiRed used a mirror aganist his attack and he turned stone. MagiRed used his fire attack and destroyed him. WolZard used his dark magic (a infershia symbol appeared) to make him bigger. The Magiranger used MagiKing to finally dispose of him.
EPISODE FIVE: Hell's Beast Mimic
Height: 223 cm to 49.3 m
Weight: 134 kg to 28.4 tons
He was Vankyuria's pet that would obey them and could mimic a taxi cab. MagiPink disguised herself as Vankyuria to trick him into a rock quarry where they defeated him. MagiGreen, Yellow, and Blue were researching on the praying mantis that mimics one thing to trick their prey. This monster attacked Yamazaki and Red saved her from it. They defeated him with MagiKing.
Height: 216 cm to 31.5 m
Weight: 111 kg to 16.2 tons
He sends out a awful odor and fog that turns people in sand-like substance. This did not effect the Magiranger. He used a red cloud that made Magigreen, pink, and blue slow down in time. Luckily, Magiblue carried a potion her brother Magiyellow made eariler that made them all accelerate. MagiPhoenix and MagiGaruda took him down with MagiFairy as a ball.
Height: 209 cm to 30.4 m
Weight: 106 kg to 15.5 tons
Myth Origin: The manticore is a kind of chimera with the head of a man often with horns, blue eyes, several rows of iron teeth, the body of a (sometimes red-furred) lion, and the tail of a scorpion.
He first attacked a actress that was shooting a cheerleading movie. He would bang on different parts of his body and armro to make drumming sounds. This would cause his victims to dance and then he would do them in. Once he was hit hard, the spell would ware off. Magiblue and Magipink defeated him with a dance rountine using the Ending Theme of the show.
Height: 505cm
Weight: 310kg
Another troll, now with black clothing. The Magiranger destroyed him with a group attack but Wolzard brought him back and he had a the the energy Wolzard took from the rangers that enables them to form Magiking in his hand....
EPISODE NINE: Stone Troll/Golem
Height: 48m
Weight: 29.5 tons
Myth Origin: In Jewish folklore, a golem is an animated being crafted from inanimate material.
He became this new form and instantly became bigger. He took the energy Wolzard took from the rangers that enables them to form Magiking to make himself stronger. Stone Troll basically used Magiking's power. He did a similar 'Magical Showtime' attack but instead of MagiCalber, he threw multiple boulder clubs. It was defeated by Kai and his new form FireKaizer.
EPISODE TEN: Petit Jericho
Height: 263cm to 55.1m
Weight: 111kg to 23.2t
Eriko, Makito's crush gives him this cactus plant and uses Mandora-boy's pot much to his dismay---and the other siblings because he makes a ear-piercing scream when removed from his pot. Makito was wearing headphones. It was possessed by the creature below. It becomes this monster after eating various things in a very 'Little Shop of Horrors' sort of way. Mandora-boy was the only one to witness it eating things at first and tried to warn them but they didn't see anything in another horror movie rule. It wouldn't eat salad. Strange enough, it ate books and lamps but didn't eat a milk carton (drank milk) or a plate (ate eggs from the plate). It could throw needles. Using a new MagiKing magic "Magical Shower", it was able to turn back into an ordinary cactus.

Myth Origin: Any ghost can be called a "specter," but the term is used here to mean an evil soul that is summoned intended to call and bind a spirit. In this case, a evil demon to possess the plant.
This creature came out of a pot a Haizoubiru had and it possessed the catcus plant making it into Petit Jericho. Nai and
Mea didn't know where it went, they only had the empty pot. It was was released after MagiKing destroyed it. It was released from this pot from Nai and Mea Then they destroyed it.

Height: 220cm to 48.2m
Weight: 96kg to 21.0t
Myth Origin: A small slug-like creature that lives in water. Leeches attach themselves to other creatures and suck their blood. Leeches are used as potion ingredients, both sliced and in the form of Leech Juice.
The night before Houka went to a rock concert "Bloody Nightmare Sunday" which in reality was Nai and Mea. Houka unknowingly becomes a vampire and Tsubasa and Houka went to another concert to investagate. Nai and Mea show face and bring forth this monster. It sucked blood from its victims through its tentacles. Some were turned into vampires, when he was destroyed by Magiking, they were reverted to normal. Houka stayed a vampire because Nai and Mea bit her.

Height: 46.7 m
Weight: 36.9 t
Myth Origin: Comes from the French word Gargouille, originally the throat or gullet, cf. Latin gurgulio, gula, and similar words derived from root gar, to swallow, the word representing the gurgling sound of water are the carved terminations to a spout which conveys water away from the gutters. Gargoyles are mostly grotesque figures.
He is the guardian of the Inferno Gate. The Inferno Gate raised up from the ground in Episode 17 and was bascially a wall. Gargoyle was perced on the right side of the wall and flew down to fight the Magiranger. In Episode 18, MagiDragon defeated him.
Height: 217cm to 48.9m
Weight: 91kg to 20.5t
Myth Origin: Arachne, a weaver turned spider in Greek mythology.
He is a regular Dark Beast. He keeps the souls that Belbirege steals in his big back. Kai manages to take out Kouta's soul (white ball form) with his MagiStick but Belbirege steals it back. Spider can swing around with web sticking from his mouth. He challanges the rangers to trapeze walk on his giant spider web above the city. Tsubasa manages to get the soul back after fighting Spider with MagiPunch. Spider grows big in episode 23 and MagiKing is formed but then falls apart because Tsubasa is feeling a pain. He lets the soul go because of the pain that is revealed to be a a side effect from using dark magic. Belbirege takes the soul back. All the stolen souls are made in one spider ball. The spider ball was recovered and the souls returned. Spider was defeated by a sibling slash attack.