Tenkuu Gattai Saint Kaiser

Alternative Spelling: Unikirion
Height: 35 m
Length: 69.3 m (13 meters longer than Valkyrion)
Width: 21 m
Unigolon can travel through dimensions and is capable of entering the Infreshia's underworld. They befriend this Unicorn Majuu in the movie. He appears in the Heavenly Great Hall after Magiel approves of the siblings. Lunagel tells them he used to belong to Bragel, their father. Kai rides out of Magitopia on Unigolon and flies down to Hades. He faces Wolzard and blindsights him with a fire attack and goes on to save Yamazaki. Unigolon shoots out a ball of light from his horn that MagiRed kicks and breaks the spell over Yamazaki.

Hikaru brings him back from Magitopia in episode 34. 1025: Maagi Magi Giruma Jinga.

Saint Kaiser
MagiPhoenix combines with Unigolon to become Saintkaizer in the movie. Saintkaizer runs on top of the Magitrain and uses its weapon as a pole volt to kick Sword of Glum. In the most impresive movie, the team performs 'Magical Showtime' in which Travelion lets go its rails and MagiDragon grabs hold of it. Then SaintKaiser pole volts from Travelion to grab hold of the two rails and swings to kick Sword of Glum. Kai becomes SaintKaizer to destroy Chimera and fight WolKaizer in episode 34.
Height: 46.0
Length: 35.8 m
Weight: 400 tons