Houka Ozu, MagiPink
Full Name: Houka Ozu
Ranger Designation: MagiPink
Age: 22
Henshin Device: MagiPhone
Weapons: MagiStick, Majiren Ball, MagiPunch, MagiDialRod
Main Attack: Pink Storm
Magic Speciality: Transformation
Sky Saint: Winjeru of wind
Majin and Majuu: MagiFairy, MagiLion

Being sunny and erratic, she tends to lead boyfriends on. Everyone is fond of her because of her cute humor. She is a bit of a troublemaker. Being fickle, she is only a fashion model when she wants to. She often turns herself into items to fight the enemy. She also uses her powers for personal uses, like having her sister fly her on her Sky Broom to an audition or even cheating on a cheerleading movie audition with invisible sister moving her twirl stick around. After recieving the message from their mother in episode 2, she felt the responsibility to care for her brothers and sisters like a mother especially Kai. Her symbol is of the fairy.

In episode 11, Houka goes to a concert of a rock band called "Bloody Nightmare Sunday" which is really Nai and Mea. She unknowingly becomes a vampire due to the music and is energetic at night but when the sun comes up, she becomes weak. She tried to take Urara's blood from a wound. Instead of Leech turning Houka into a vampire like the others, Nai and Mea both bit Houka at the same time. Tsubasa and Houka figure out it is from the concert and go to another concert to face Nai and Mea. Houka gets a spell (670) to see Leech's trail and follow it. They destroy the monster that makes other people into vampires but she remains a vampire in episode 12. Houka even breaks through a barrier her siblings made around her using a Magi seal. Houka was turning into a 'Queen Vampire'. Vankyuria gives her apples to give to her siblings but Tsubasa simply doesn't fall for it. Houka sides with Vankyuria and fights aganist her brothers and sister. Tsubasa, Urara, Makito and Kai do a united attack with their MagiSticks and take Vankyuria down breaking the spell over Houka. Vankyuria escaped.

In episode 15, she sprung up to her brothers and sisters that she was getting married to a eccentric photographer. He wore white glasses and acted very exagrated. Makito was absolutely furious with this news. She even henshined with her wedding dress on (special henshin sequence). Her spirit to fight reminded Makito of his mother. In episode 29, she lost her memory of all her adventures as a Magiranger and she kept forgetting every few minutes. At their most desperate hour, she mentioned their mother who she thought was still alive and Kai gave her their mother's MagiStick and they explained what had happened. Houka then remembered something their mother's message (after her death) and was able to rally them to not give up and keep on fighting. The reason Blurates made her memory was that she witnessed Blurates and Zee with the giant ice cube. She then remembered and took her siblings to the cube.

In episode 39, Kai and Houka switched bodies and Houka obligated Kai to maintain her dates with young men. She had a notebook full of pictures of her and her men. Kai saw just how many boys (15!) wanted her attention and affection. Houka as Kai tried to repair his relationship with Yamazaki. In Episode 45, she spots Titan being nice to a puppy and she gives the puppy some food. She befriends Titan and Makito is not happy. She helps Titan escape from his cohorts when he is chosen to host N.Ma. She took the MagiTicket for the MagiTrain and stamped it on Hikaru's GripPhone much to his surprise to call the Magical Express. The train ran over Wyvern, Houka and Titan boarded and Makito hop on in protest. Once inside, Wyvern attacked them and Houka sent him away with a new spell. She disguised herself as Titan but Wyvern found it out. She had to watch in horror as her friend turned into N.Ma in front of her.

List of things she has changed herself into: a fan (most popular), pepper shaker, a small fuzzy fairy, boombox, mailbox, a copy of Vancuria with a pink bow, a cannon where any of her siblings (Magired, MagiGreen) would be fired from, a beetle car, laundry line-like cover shield and a soccer launching machine to train Kai. She can also become the Majiren Ball (the one she uses as MagiFairy) when she is in ranger mode.