Miyuki Ozu, MagiMother
Full Name: Miyuki "Kaza" Ozu
Ranger Designation: MagiMother
Henshin Device: MagiPhone/MotherPhone
Weapons: MagiStick
Element: Snow
Sky Saint: Snowjiel

Sweet and kind mother. She has kept many secrets from her children who she raised on her own, one being that she was a sorceress or Magus. As MagiMother, she wields ice power. Her symbol is the snowflake. As MagiMother, she is able to enlarge herself--she waves her Magistick around and becomes large and looks exactly the same. She is originally from Magitopia. In episode 2, she seemed defeated by Wolzard as WolCentaurus when they were in giant mode, in front of her children. She could also shoot ice bolts like arrow tips, one was imbedded in Wolzard. As a hologram message, she tells them their father was a legendary hero known who fought to protect Magitopia from Infershia back at the first invasion. In episode 18, when they are in MagiKing fighting Branken, MagiMother appeared as a ghost and helped them defeat him. In their secret room, only they saw her, she did not speak. Her children take possession of her MagiStick.

In Episode 35, after Wolzard is discovered to be the ranger's father and he defeats N.Ma. The siblings and Hikaru track down the clues of their mother's spiritually visits. They figure out that she is not dead and acutally a captive of one of the Infreshia gods, Toad. They finally get a hold of their mother but Toad licks it away. They go back to Earth and fight, Toad tosses their mother in the air, they try to catch her but Toad spits out black goo that seemingly blows up the thorn chamber she was in. The siblings fall to the shores in defeat, Tsubasa lifts himself up and uses magic vision to track their mother, the others do it as well. Urara spots her in the sky and Tsubasa uses a spell to bring her back down. She wakes up and they have a tearful hug reunion.She comes back to the mortal realm in episode 44 and her MagiPhone became a special white MotherPhone. In Episode 45, she goes through the windows of the headquarters mysteriously. Mandora-Boy finds out she was in a parellal headquarters and trying to track down her husband.

She finds her husband and heals him from far away. She uses so much energy that she faints. Isamu comes back as Wolzard Fire. He and she decide Sungel must go to Magitopia. Sungel had doubts and was sitting on the shore. She came to sit next to him and explained about her and Bragel's love. Eventually, Hikaru proposed to Urara and Miyuki and Isamu approved.

"Soldier of Heaven, uses magic."