Oz Siblings
Three brothers and two sisters, they lived with their mother in peace. She told them that their father died in an expedition in Antarctica. When their mother is informing them of their mission, they are dressed with plaided uniforms by saying 'Maji-iro!' The people from Magitopia are known as Tenkuseijin and the Tenkkuseijya are what we refer to as Sky Saints. They each have a gemstone on the end of their necklace. They also have black cloaks with their known M embroidered on the left side on their chests, each has a hood. They say 'checkmate' every time they defeat a villain with their attack.

In episode two, the siblings find a hidden headquarters with meeting table, fireplace, study with books and a desk. There is also a rack containing five brooms with ranger-color bows on them. They are enabled to go in by a portal made by their mother's Magistick that also brings upon her hologram message. The headquarters is located at the wall next to the beginning of the stairway in their house. They walk through the wall, where there is a black space and then when they enter the room, there is a ranger-color smoke. They come from the fireplace. There is a mirror (Magic Emergency number) in the room that can alert them of danger and also see the fighting action. There also a door in the room that keeps leading them to wierd places, hot fire or water splashing ocean.

One group attack is trapeze swinging calling Magi Trapeze Special. First seen in episode 3, MagiRed called upon for a trapeze stick that he would throw into the air and they would swing on it and attack. Two trapeze sticks could appear and they could do duo rountine. They have a group kick attack that they used to destroy the Troll in episode 9. They use it often. In episode 11, they spin around in a circle with their capes and whril the villain around. In Episode 12, Tsubasa tused a united attack with MagiBlue, Red, and Green and their MagiSticks. The MagiSticks swirled around like a rainbow and made a cross-like symbol on Vankyuria, blowing her up. In Episode 14, they got the code 559 'Jinga Majuna' to all create a rainbow defense shield.

Sibling Relationships:
Makito and Kai: Makito wants to be leader. He wants Kai to listen to him.
Kai and Tsubasa: They butt heads at times. Kai likes getting the easy way out. Tsubasa is rash with Kai. He is the first to point out he is stupid.
Houka and Urara: Urara respects her big sister and follows what she says, even cheated for her in an audition.
Urara and Makito: She respects him alot and tries not to step on his toes. She slaps him in episode 10 and feels real ashamed about it. Urara is concerned about the expenses in episode 13 and Makito tries his best to make her happy.
Tsubasa and Houka: They have their own special friendship. Tsubasa was able to know when Houka was under Vankyuria's thrall or not when she put two fingers near her right eye.
Houka and Kai: Houka mothers Kai.
Makito and Houka: Makito wants Houka to make the right decisions, he doesn't agree when she rashly jumps into marriage in episode 15.

In episode 21, Sungel the sky saint of the sun became their magic teacher. In episode 27, a spell makes Kai, Tsubasa, Houka, and Urara indifferent to Makito. They then sent movers to move their things out of the Ozu house. They all moved to other places, Hikaru went to visit each one but they all told him the same thing--that they didn't want to be together anymore. Kai stayed in the house but didn't want anything to do with Makito. He tried to tempt them with grilled food but Kai knocked it down to the ground. After all, Makito was able to return everything to normal with a spell 444 especially their 1995 family album that Makito slashed up when he was in the samurai's armor.