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Height: 44.3m
Weight: 24tons
He lifted a restaurant that the Magirangers and Umeko were in and began eating it. Was captured by the Dekaranger Robo, only to be shot down by his Babon because he was captured.

Arugoru Seijin Babon
Height: 209cm
Weight: 140kg
This 'Gas Drinker' worked with Apollos/Agent X so they can obtain the Heavenly Flower Brooch. He uses missile barrels on his shoulders and an arm mounted blaster. When the Dekarangers faced Babon, none of their attacks fazed him, because of the Madou circle on his chest, but the Magirangers could damage him but Ban and his Battlizer interupted. Babon kidnapped Urara and Jasmine went after him. Babon was going to exchange the girls for the Brooch, when he fell in love with Hikaru & Tetsu in girls' outfits. He and Apollos piloted Apotrex before its destruction. He was beaten by MagiShine and DekaBreak's "DekaBreak Shining Fist" attack. He and Apollos were both killed by a combined team attack that was powered by the Brooch. Name is a pun on bourbon.

Beastman Apollos/Agent X
Height: 215cm
Weight: 117kg
A Beastman from the Kedomono Realm posing as an Alienizer named Agent X. He wielded two swords and could shoot lightning from his eyes. He was working with the Alienizer Babon to fulfill his conquest. Apollos held Urara and Jasmine hostage in the Kedomono Realm, until he got Miyuki's "Heavenly Flower Brooch" in order to power up Apotrex mecha. When the Rangers came to rescue Urara and Jasmine at the Tower of Screams in the Marudeyouna Worlds, Apollos defeated the Rangers and stole the Heavenly Flower Brooch. Apollos and Babon then powered up Apotrex, and were about to destroy the planet with it, when the Rangers destroyed it with a combined mecha attack. Legend MagiRed and DekaRed in Battlizer Mode beat him with the Fire Finish. Apollos and Babon were soon killed when the Heavenly Flower Brooch endowed the Rangers with the magical power needed to destroy the duo with a combined team attack.

A Kaijuuki piloted by Apollos/Agent X and Babon that had a ship mode. Apollos' plan was to use Miyuki's Heavenly Flower Brooch to power this mecha to destroy the planet. When Apotrex was about to blow up the planet, DekaWing Robo and MagiLegend blasted it out of space, and it was destroyed with the combined mecha attack of MagiKing, DekaRanger Robo, Travelion, and DekaBike.