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'Meeza Zazare' is Memmi's enlargement spell. Also called Meijuujin. They were once human and resurrected as these monsters.

EPISODE TWENTY: Garim the Gremlin
Height: 205cm
Weight: 89kg
Myth origin: A gremlin is a mythological mischievous creature.
Resurrected by Memmi from the past by making a dark deal. He is the first 'human-monster' or Beast-Men. He painted a four red symbol puzzle (diamond shape around the city) with a red pen he recieved from Memmi. The pen filled up with red ink once he did some misdeeds like hanging a woman upside down from a bridge and causing a car accident. He can detach his hand and have a hammer or a pair of scissors. He was human before he sold his soul to Vankyuria. He had two tails.

EPISODE TWENTY-ONE: Verdan the Behemoth
Height: 228cm to 51.4 meters
Weight: 129kg to 29 tons
Myth Origin: Behemoth is plural for animals in Hebrew, this structure indicates that behemoth is the largest and most powerful animal. Behemoth is the primal unconquerable monster of the land.
Resurrected by Memmi to cause tremors, MagiShine holds him over while the siblings are in the past. Verdan was destroyed by Travelion.

EPISODE TWENTY-TWO: Kirikage the Ninja
Height: 203cm to 45.8m
Weight: 89kg to 20t
He did many ninja techniques, he kidnapped Houka and kept her in a temple. The six Magiranger could not transform around the area because he was rattling a drum-like rattle stick. Once it was destroyed, they could transform and the five siblings used 1+2+5 to do their new attack Magi Tower (standing on top of each other) to make a sword that slashed Kirikage. He was then challanged by Travelion and made himself big and was destroyed.

Height: 208cm to 47.0m
Weight: 86kg to 19.4t
Myth Origin: In Western medieval legend, an incubus is a demon in male form who sleeps with a female sleeper.
He regularly attacked women but he made an exception for Tsubasa's boxing buddy Kouta. He puts three fingers through one's neck and takes their soul that Spider havests. Once a soul is taken, the victim's body is left lifeless. He can fly with his orange wings that are hung on his shoulder, he flies much like a mosquito. Belbirege gets Kouta's soul back when Tsubasa lets go because of a whirlpool in his chest. Memmi's plan was to put a spider ball in a cannon and blow up the city which Nai ~ Mea found stupid. Belbirege takes Urara and Houka's soul out and back in making them believe Kai and Makito are really Belbirege and Spider and visa versa. They snap out of it once they beat their brothers so bad that they un-henshined. Belbirege put the spider ball in the cannon, lit the fuse and Tsubasa stopped it. Belbirege grew big and stepped on the siblings, MagiKing came out from under his foot.

Height: 213cm to 48.1m
Weight: 102kg to 23.0t
He stole the ticket MagiShine uses to call Travelion and Kai's courage. Nai piolted
Travelion while Mea put coal in the furance. Kai's courage was form of a red ball.
Gaston was putting all he stole (teddy bear, hair, briefcase, etc.) in a cannon and
Wolzard stopped him from dropping in the courage. N. Ma convinced him and it was
mashed into pieces. Kai managed to summon his own courage. Gaston was defeated
by MagiKing and Travelion with Travelion's final attack. He had a dinamite stick Kai
got a hold of and returned all the stolen things thanks to MagiPhone spell 2+0+6.

EPISODE TWENTY-SIX : Peewai the Harpy
Height: 224cm to 50.5m
Weight: 90kg to 20.3t
Myth Origin: In Greek mythology, the Harpies ("snatchers") were beautiful winged women who steal. In later traditions they were transformed into winged hags with sharp bird-talons, which is how they are popularly known.

She sent out a signal from her bird mouth to create a monster in everyone's stomaches to eat out from the stomach. She attacked a whole group of people and Smoky went after her and managed to break off her beak. Destroyed by both Travelion and MagiKing. MagiKing did the final attack.