Hikaru, MagiShine
Full Name: Sungel "Hikaru"
Ranger Designation: MagiShine
Age: Undetermined
Henshin Device: GripPhone
Weapons: MagiLampBuster
Main Attack: Shining Attack
Element: Light/Sun
Mecha: MagiTrain/Travelion

He is the Sky Saint Sungel. He is the master of Genie-Majin Smokey. Appears in Episode 20. Fifteen years ago, he (as MagiShine) fought the traitor sky saint Raijel in the rain. He turned Raijel into a stone mummy and he was turned into a frog. In Episode 19, the rangers were lured into a cave by Nai and Mea. In the cave, there was Raijel, Sungel as a frog and the MagiLamp. Urara didn't like this little frog. He saved the siblings by reflecting light from glass, Houka 'adopted' him and called him Hikaru. He urged Urara to kiss him for him to return to normal. For ignoring him as a frog, he punished Smokey by setting him off as a rocket. He dubs himself as the sibling's magic teacher. He was once their father's pupil. When he henshins, we first see Sungel (in CG) and he turns into MagiShine. They call him sensai, their teacher. He uses many cards with his GripPhone for his lessons. Wolzard also has a thing aganist MagiShine. The siblings refer to him as Hikaru-Sensei.

In episode 47, it is decided that Hikaru must go to Magitopia. Urara is immediately upset by this. Later Urara convinces Hikaru to spend the day with her on a date before he heads off. A kind elderly couple ask if they can take a picture of the young happy couple but Hikaru declines much to Urara and the spying Makito (with the Kai, Houka, Tsubasa, Smoky, and Mandora-boy). Hikaru breaks her heart saying they may never be and the others come to intervene. Urara defends his decision. Hikaru then sits by the shore with Smoky, Miyuki sits by him to tell him about her and Bragel's similar struggle long ago. He makes the decision to propose to her. She said yes and in the ceremony they exchanged Oath Rings. Sungel took the ultimate risk because while he was getting married, N.Ma attacked Magitopia. Hikaru and Isamu head off to Magitopia on Travelion in Episode 48. He is killed by N.Ma and his body (as Sungel) is dropped to the ground for his wife to mourn. Nai~Mea revive him in Episode 49. A year later, they are still happily married couple.