Infershia Monsters > The Four Beastman Kings
The evilest humans who sold their souls to N-Ma who defeated Brajiel fifteen years ago. Memmi was forced to resurrect the four (who all debut in episode 27) when his lord's patience was wearing thin. Wolzard 'welcomed' them in.

EPISODE TWENTY-SEVEN : Cursed Blademaster Shichijuro the Samurai
Short Name: Shichijuro
Alternate Spelling: Shitijuror
Height: 220cm to 49.6m
Weight: 80kg to 18.0t
His weapon is his samurai sword that has a dial to pick an attack. He fought Wolzard first.
He has a jug of water. He attacked only Kai, Urara, Tsubasa, and Houka because Hikaru
saved Makito and it made a spell that they made them indifferent and mean to Makito.
MagiTaurus destroyed him all on his own. He was not so easily defeated, his sword came
to Makito and hypnotized him to fight the other rangers. Then, Makito don the armor. Out
of all the destruction Makito does to their family album, the others snap out of it and hug
Makito. MagiShine uses the MagiLampBuster to destroy the sword and the armor is removed.
The spirit of the sword is captured by Blurates.

EPISODE TWENTY-EIGHT: Atrocity Princess Neries the Siren
Short Name: Neries
Height: 219cm to 49.4m
Weight: 99kg to 22.2t
Myth Origin: In Greek mythology, the Sirens were Naiads (sea nymphs) who lived on an island. Approaching sailors were drawn to them by their enchanting singing, causing them to sail on the cliffs and drown.
The only female member of the beastman kings and friend of Vankyuria. She was briefly seen in Episode 27. She used Lei the water nymph to play her harp and sing victims to her. Neries has a necklace around Lei that lets her control her. Tsubasa befriends Lei when she pricks her finger on a harp string and he holds her hand. He saves her aganist the other's wishes. Her weapon is two silk cloths that wrap around the victim's neck. Tsubasa uses the same spell that Makito used to remove the Specter from Petit Jericho on Neries to release Lei. Neries was defeated by Tsubasa. Lei's spirit then dispersed in the end.

EPISODE TWENTY-NINE to THIRTY: Subterrain King Zee the Yeti
Short Name: Zee (pronounced Zeeba)
Height: 233cm to 53.0m
Weight: 133kg to 30.0t
Myth Origin: The yeti is a supposed large primate-like creature reported to live in the Himalayas. The Western name is derived from the Tibetan yeh-teh, "little man-like animal." In the United States, commonly known as the Abominable Snowman.
He was briefly seen in Episode 27, then introduced to the rangers in episode 29. He follows Blurates. His weapon is like a hockey stick. Blurates put the energies of the Samurai and Neries in Zee's orb-like center on his chest. He was then able to use their attacks like the silk ropes and samurai sword. Zee and Blurates had a big sphere of ice hiding in a building that grew bigger with Blurates' bubbles. It was to forever freeze the world. The ice cube grew even bigger. Once the Magiranger got their Legend power, they smacked Zee on to the ice cube destroying both. He appears in a flashback when Raigel, Bragel, Lunagel and Sungel are fighting the Infreshia in Episode 33 where he hits Bragel's left shoulder when his back is turned.

EPISODE 27-31: Hell's Wiseman Blurates the Kobold
Short Name: Blurates

Myth Origin: Kobolds are ugly spirits of German folklore. The name comes from the German word kobalt or kobold meaning "evil spirit", and is often translated in English as goblin. Kobold is often used in German to translate the word 'Leprechaun', a type of Irish fairy goblin. Another type of kobold, more similar to the gnome, haunts mines and other underground places.
He first appears in Episode 27 with all four and where he talks to the samuari. His weapon is a staff with a ring around used sort of like a bubble blower or butterfly catcher. He captures the spirit of the samurai with his staff. He continually appears in each episode to capture the Beastman King's power. He puts a spell on Houka in episode 29 that makes her loose her memory every couple of minutes. He was taken in souls as bubbles with his staff. Vankyuria grows him big and he throws meteorites at MagiKing. They are able to break the circle of his staff in half with a new MagiKing attack. He shrank to normal size and ran away. The reason Blurates made her memory was that she witnessed Blurates and Zee with the giant ice cube. In episode 31, Memmi repowers Blurates and reformed his weapon making him more powerful. He was defeated by the Legend Magiranger's team attack and was sent to a red-tinted world where Memmi scarificed him.