Height: 39 m
Length: 87.6 m
Width: 80 m
Weight: 4000 tons
Attacks: Phoenix Spear, Dragon Slash, Dragon Blaze
MagiGaruda, MagiTaurus, MagiMermaid, and MagiFairy combine to make MagiDragon which MagiPhoenix can ride. They dial 125 (Maagi Jiruma Jinga) on their MagiPhone. MagiFairy makes the head, MagiTaurus the body, MagiGaruda are the wings, MagiMermaid is the back and tail.

Height: 48 m
Width: 29.7 m
Width (with wings): 79.2 m
Length: 26.5 m
Weight: 4900 tons
All five majin forms combine to make MagiKing. To Magin Gattai, they dial 1205 (Maagi Jiruma Magi Jinga) on their MagiPhones. MagiMermaid makes the legs, MagiTaurus is the torso, MagiPhoenix as arms/head, MagiFairy as chest and MagiGaruda makes the wings. They all use the ability to transform into MagiKing by Wolzard in episode 6 and got it back in 9.
"Magical Climax" Their attack consists of making multiple weapons of different sizes attacking the opponent.
"Magical Shower" was used in episode 10 to cleanse the Petit Jericho plant from a demon.
"Heaven Magic Slash" They point the King Calibur up and a seal appears in the sky. With its wings, MagiKing flys up and goes through the seal. The SkySaints come down and each attack along with MagiKing. Appears in Episode 12. That attack that was not good enough to destory Buranken in episode 17.
"Magic Family Slash" is an attack in Episode 18 that involves MagiMother's spirit that destroyed Buranken. In Episode 18, MagiKing called upon heaven and did an attack and Buranken's weapon suddenly became ice. It was MagiMother's power.

They can extend the garuda wings.

They can combine their weapons (Mermaid Lance, Taurus Axe, and Phoenix Sword) to make the MagiKing's sword.

The rangers themselves escape of their majin forms and meet in a shared cockpit for MagiKing that resembles a chess set. They can move across the chess board on their own free will and use their Magisticks to guide their moves.