Episode Guide
The spell of the day is at the end of each title.

Stage 1: The Morning of the Journey's Beginning ~Maagi Magi Magiiro~
It is a perfectly normal day for the Ozu Family until a giant Troll starts acting the neighborhood. Mother Miyuki defeats it and then reveals to her five children that she is a mage. Entering them in the world of magic, she gives four of them Magi Phones. Kai argues that he hasn't been given on, defying his mother he follows his siblings. When they need him most agonist a fearsome dark mage Wolzard, he proves his courage and his mom gives him his Magi Phone. MagiMother faces Wolzard and is defeated.

Stage 2: Bring out Courage ~Maagi Magi Magika~
[Continued from Stage 1]
- After witnessing their mother's death, Makito, Kai and Urara are able to pick themselves up to fight Vankyuria who is attacking the city. Houka and Tsubasa return home to find a new headquarters and find a message from their mother. They meet a little plant friend Mandora-Boy and defeat Dark Beast Blob as the Magi Majins.

Stage 3: Ride the Magical Dragon ~Maagi Giruma Jinga~
Mandora-Boy properly introduces himself to the siblings and sings them a song. The Dark Beast Worm terrorizes the town and the Haizobiru attacks as well. The Magiranger form the Magi Dragon to defeat him.

Stage 4: King of Majins ~Maagi Giruma Magi Jinga~
Urara gets upset at Kai for breaking a mirror her mother gave her. The Cockatrice turns people into stone and when Urara wants to protect her siblings, she is turned to stone. She actually came up with a plan, Kai learns it and calls forth a mirror to taken down Cockatrice. When he is made giant, the siblings form MagiKing for the first time.

Stage 5: The Way of Love ~Maagi Magiiro~
Kai has a crush on his soccer manager Yamazaki and with Houka following him as various things, she tries to help him but failing hilariously.

Meanwhile, the Mimic is up to no good and Houka uses her transforming skills agonist it. Unfortunately Yamazaki is into MagiRed.

Stage 6: Ruler of Darkness ~Uuza Douza Uru Zanga~
Kai sees Wolzard in a dream and runs out to challenge him, Wolzard's attack flings Kai all the way to under a bridge where there is a boy.

Kai shields the boy and Wolzard stops his sword. MagiDragon and MagiPhoenix seemingly defeats WolCentaurus. Wolzard comes back and forms the WolKaizer. He then steals the ranger's ability to become MagiKing. Wolzard then let in Buranken to the surface world. They both beat up the MagiDragon. Kai sends Buranken back to Hades.

Stage 7: Into the Dream ~Jinga Magiiro~
[Continued from Stage 6]
- Wolkaizer gets away and Kai faints. Vankyuria reports to Buranken that Wolzard is holding over the MagiKing power. Kai is left in a coma and Tsubasa makes a potion out of banana, honey, and river water. It makes a peach pit that Tsubasa takes himself to enter a subconscious world where Kai is fighting Wolzard. Tsubasa defeats the Wolzard but they are still stuck there... until their mother helps them out. Meanwhile, the others fight Fungus.MagiPhoenix and MagiGaruda took him down with MagiFairy as a ball.

Stage 8: You're Surely Heroines ~Majuna Majuna~
Manticore first attacked a actress that was shooting a cheerleading movie. Urara had the option of becoming the lead star of a cheerleading movie after Manticore got rid of the lead actress. Houka auditioned for the role but Urara won the director's heart. She didn't want to show her true feelings of wanting to be a star to her big sister because she knew she wanted the role before. Houka encouraged her to do it but she opted to not do it to help her siblings in the end of course. Magiblue and Magipink use a dance routine using the Ending Theme of the show.

Stage 9: Fiery Union of Friendship ~Giruma Maagi Magi Jinga~
Vankyuria shoots WolKaizer and ends up hurting Valkyrion. When Kai jumps in when WolKaizer is trying to escape. he splits them up and goes with Valkyrion into another dimension. Kai was thinking magic could fix anything and was easy, he learned it wasn't. He still blamed Valkyrion for his mother's death. He helped the black horse and they joined as FireKaizer to defeat the Stone Golem which had the MagiKing powers.

They got the MagiKing ability back and Valkyrion went back to Wolzard.

Stage 10: If the Flowers Bloom ~Giruma Magika~
Eriko, Makito's crush gives him this cactus plant and uses Mandora-boy's pot much to his dismay. The plant was possessed by a Specter. It becomes Petit Jericho. Using a new MagiKing magic "Magical Shower", it was able to turn back into an ordinary cactus.

Stage 11: Night of the Vampires ~Magiro Magika~
Houka goes to a concert of a rock band called "Bloody Nightmare Sunday" which is really Nai and Mea. She suddenly is energetic at night but when the sun comes up she weakens. She tried to take Urara's blood from a wound.

Instead of Leech turning Houka into a vampire like the others, Nai and Mea both bit Houka at the same time. Tsubasa and Houka figure out it is from the concert and go to another concert to face Nai and Mea. Houka gets a spell (670) to see Leech's trail and follow it. They destroy the monster that makes other people into vampires but Houka remains a vampire.

Stage 12: Mark of Determination ~Maagi Giruma Magi Magika~
[Continued from Stage 11]
- After Houka returns home supposedly normal, Tsubasa has his doubts (especially when she brings in apples for her siblings) and works on a way to bring his sister back. Houka even breaks through a barrier her siblings made around her using a Magi seal. Houka was turning into a 'Queen Vampire'.

Houka sides with Vankyuria and fights agonist her brothers and sister. Tsubasa, Urara, Makito and Kai do a united attack with their MagiSticks and take Vankyuria down breaking the spell over Houka.

Stage 13: If it is Mother ~Jinga Majuna~
Urara is concerned about family expenses. Urara has a flashback when things were simpler with her mother. Super Dark Beast Ogre beats the rangers down and they pledge to fight harder. All the family's money is even risked in a lottery.

Stage 14: Burning Furnace Punch ~Gii Gii Gigiru~
Kai is torn between a dream date with his crush Yamazaki and his commitment with his family by practicing boxing to defeat Ghoul. Tsubasa fractures his hand by Ghoul. Ultimately Kai chooses his family and defeats Ghoul with new red gloves MagiPunch.

Stage 15: The Bride's Elder Brother ~Jiruma Magi Majuna~
Houka surprises her family by announcing she will get married with a eccentric photographer. Makito is completely against it. The last and most fearsome super dark beast, Skeleton rebuilds himself once broken and is marking people for their end. And one of those people is Houka's groom.

Stage 16: Key of the Gate ~Uzaara Ugaro~
The Infreshia got whiff of Rin, who is really the sky saint Lunagel.She hummed the Magitopia theme that the kids heard often from a musical angel. She had a bracelet with a little bell that ringed often. Kai made her happy when he flew her up into the sky with his broom. Tsubasa made a memory potion that refreshed her memory. She then became Lunagel.

Stage 17: I Don't Need Your Kindness! ~Uuza Douza Uru Ugaro~
Lunagel doesn't want the rangers to get involved in the fight. She fights with Wolzard, only to be captured to complete Buranken's plan to open the Inferno Gate. The Inferno Gate raised up from the ground. Buranken pried himself from the doorway. The Guardian, Gargoyle flew down from the gate and helped Buranken with raising havoc.

Stage 18: Powers United ~Maaji Giruma Gii Jinga~
[Continued from Stage 17]
- The four siblings form MagiDragon and fight Gargoyle while Kai goes to rescue Lunagel who is slowly being tortured by Wolzard. Valkyrion offers to help and MagiPhoenix rode on him. Lunagel rode on MagiPhoenix's shoulder. Valkyrion and MagiPhoenix became FireKaizer and fought Buranken. The rangers then formed MagiKing to face down Buranken. Lunagel returned back to Magitopia.

Stage 19: The Magic Lamp ~Meeza Zazare~
Nai and Mea lead the Magiranger to a cave where they needed to get the Sky Saint traitor Raijel because it was sealed by good magic in a cave. In the cave, there was the stone Raijel, a little frog (which the rangers didn't notice) and the lamp.

Smoky, a Genie-Majin came out after Kai rubbed the lamp and wasn't eager to fight especially when Memmi (formerly Raijel) comes along. Will Smoky summon up the courage to help the rangers?

Stage 20: Kiss Me, Frog ~Gooru Goru Gorudiiro~
Memmi, the newest general makes his first Beastman Garim to wreak havoc and a frog saves the Magiranger. Houka adopts him and calls him Hikaru. Urara, scurrying from his advances eventually gives him a kiss. He is in reality the handsome Sungel who becomes their sensei to teach them the way.

Stage 21: Let's go on the Magic Express ~Goo Goo Goludiiro~
Hikaru introduces the MagiTrain to the rangers. He puts them to the test and sends them to prehistoric times. They are all dressed up like cave dwellers. They are to find the ticket to send them home. MagiShine holds over Verdan meanwhile. Makito is jealous of Hikaru, first time he dons his muscular suit.

Stage 22: A Date in Kyoto? ~Luuma Goludo~
Houka is frantic about visiting Kyoto, Hikaru mistakes it for her usually flakiness but sees there is more behind it. She has fond memories of visiting it with her family and her family bond felt just as strong. Kirikage kidnapped Houka and kept her in a temple. The six Magiranger could not transform around Kyoto because of his drum-like rattle stick. They don ninja outfits and fight Nai~Mea who also don ninja abilities. They form their new Magi Tower attack.

Stage 23: Forbidden Magic ~Rooji Maneeji Magi Mamaruji~
When Tsubasa's good friend Kouta body is left lifeless, he disobeys his sensei Hikaru by using dark magic to reverse time to see the cause of it. He tracks down Belbirege and Spider. He challenges the rangers to trapeze walk on his giant spider web above the city. Tsubasa manages to get the soul back after fighting Spider with MagiPunch.

MagiKing fights Spider giant but then falls apart because Tsubasa is feeling a pain.

A giant chasm rips through his chest as a consequence for using dark magic and Belbirege gets away with Kouta's soul.

Stage 24: The Mentor's Risk ~Goru Goru Gojika~
[Continued from Stage 23]
- Hikaru slows down the chasm in Tsubasa's chest with Barrier Magic but he knows what he must do. Afterwards set off to find Chronogel's staff, the only thing that could reverse the effects of the reverse magic on Tsubasa. After overcoming the odds, and even Wolzard's mind games, Hikaru removed the staff. Wolzard took the staff and Travelion fought Wolkaizer and Hikaru was able to recover the staff. He stirred the staff around the infection and healed Tsubasa. Kouta is then returned to normal.

Stage 25: Stolen Courage ~Giruma Magi Magiro~
Kai's courage is stolen and can't even face against girl bullies who steal Yamazaki's home-made MagiRed key chain. He summons it himself without having it actually back.

Gaston even steals Hikaru's ticket to use Travelion and he and the Nightmare girls use it against the rangers.

Stage 26: Believe! ~Giruma Gii Magika~
Smoky is extra mischievous with various mean pranks so when Nai~Mea mimic one of his pranks, the rangers assume it is him. They all are hard on him, especially Urara who he considers a mother. So he breaks off his tie to the lamp and runs away. Unfortunately, if he is gone for too long, he will fade away. Urara goes after him and Peewai is on the rampage, her sonic call makes little creatures in people's stomachs that eats them inside out .

Stage 27: My Bonds ~Magiine Magiine~
Makito's siblings turn against him and move out (except Kai, who is too young) thanks to Shichijuro who splits them up and not even Hikaru can put them back together! Makito tries a barbeque and bringing out the scrapbook but nothing works.

Even Makito gets possessed by Shichijuro.

Stage 28: Through All Eternity.. ~Giruma Magi Magi Magiine~
Tsubasa creates a bond with Rei, a sea nymph who is being used by Neries, a Siren.

Rei sings a melody along with her harp and the people are in trance. Tsubasa keeps Rei a secret until all is exposed and then he runs away with Rei. Eventually Neries swallows up Rei and Vankyuria comes in to distract the rangers. Tsubasa is able to save Rei but must say goodbye.

Stage 29: Repeating "What's That?" ~Gii Magi Magiro~
Houka out at night and a giant bubble makes me forget everything that has happened since she has become a Magiranger. Then she meets a scary monster (Bulrates), a handsome man (Hikaru), a cute plant and a kitty in a lamp. Then, oh, look at this, a cute plant, a kitty in a lamp, and a handsome man. Houka's memory keeps rebooting every so often, driving her siblings crazy. Once her memory is back, she reveals to the rangers a giant ice cube that she found before the rebooting became.

Stage 30: Power of Legend ~Maagi Magi Magi Magiro~
[Continued from Stage 29]
- The earth is slowly becoming the new ice age. The rangers ask Hikaru want sky saint is in charge of snow and he tells them of Snowjiel who is in side of a fish.

Smoky helps them fish it out and go inside the belly. Once they prove themselves, Snowjiel gives them the Legend powers.

Stage 31: The Extraordinary Majin ~Maagi Giruma Goru Jingajin~
Memmi re-powers Bulrates and reformed his weapon making him more powerful.

Memmi scarified Bulrates as part of the a forbidden ritual to create the very dangerous Machine Golem. Hikaru goes to the dark world with Smoky in Travelion to fight it. The Magiranger get a new spell to become MagiLegend.

Stage 32: Father's Promise ~Maagi Giruma Goru Gogika~
Makito remembers when he used to play softball and a promise his father made. Makito gets infected with a deadly mold that the Infreshia are inflicting on civilization with forbidden magic. The other Magiranger fight hard for their family. Wolkaizer uncharacteristically lifts the mold off MagiLegend.

Stage 33: Toward the Infreshia ~Maagi Goru Magika~
Kai reminisces about his father and Lunagel tells him of the last time she saw Bragel. N.Ma's plan is to capture the Magiranger and take their Legend powers. Meanwhile Memmi/Raijel faces down with Sungel and Lunagel.

Memmi brings forth the Chimera. The siblings make a shocking discovery.

Stage 34: Bonds of Courage ~Goolu Golu Goludo~
Their father is back but can Kai forgive him? Hikaru brings forth Unikirion from Magitopia and Kai uses him against Wolzard and Chimera. Wolzard is under N.Ma's hold but at the end snaps out of it and sacrifices himself for this family against N.Ma.

Stage 35: Valley of the Pantheon ~ Magi Magi Gigiru ~
Best Clip Show Ever Urara wonders about the whereabouts of her mother and Hikaru asks the siblings to tell him of all the times their mother visited them spiritually. Meanwhile, Nai and Mea rise from the rubbles and stumble upon the Valley of the Pantheon. The rangers find out that Miyuki is not really dead but actually held captive by a new dark force.

Stage 36: Divine Retribution ~Maagi Goru Gogika~
The Infreshia gods are revealed and the first selected by the Slab of Judgment is Ifrit. He reveals something the rangers most feared about their mother.

Stage 37: Sniping ~Goru Maagi~
Cyclops is the next chosen by the slab and zapping down buildings.

Tsubasa learns more things about his older brother, that he speaks English. The Magiranger are being hunt down by Cyclops. Makito is the first to go down.

Stage 38: Big Brother's Promise ~Goo Majiiro~
Almost all his siblings are gone and Tsubasa can't take the pressure.

He puts it all together to save his family, creating the MagiDialRod BowGun. Makito dons his Rock Armor.

Stage 39: Contrary Brother and Sister ~Majuna Jiruma~
Toad sneaks into the surface and switches Kai and Houka's bodies.

Kai and Houka discover things about themselves and they also can't transform. Gorgon is the one chosen by the slab and she turns Smoky into stone.

Stage 40: The Gorgon's Garden ~Magiine Luludo~
[Continued from Stage 39]
- Kai and Houka are still stuck in each other's bodies and Smoky is still stone cold. Kai gets perspective on Yamazaki as Houka while she plays his soccer game. The Rangers go after Gorgon but end up getting eaten. Sphinx is the one who switches Kai and Houka back. Stage 41: The Teacher of Teachers ~Goolu Golu Majuulu~
It is christmas time and Snowjiel is concerned of how the rangers are doing with the gods. Hikaru accompanies Kai to his friend's family's cake store and helps them preparing cakes. The cakes then fall and meet their end, Kai promises to make them. Drake makes a mess of the city and Snowjiel comes in to fight Drake. She takes him into a portal and invite the rangers to go with her, all except Hikaru.

Stage 42: Confrontation! Two Ultimate Gods ~Goolu Luuma Golu Gonga~
[Continued from Stage 41]
- The Magiranger and Snowjiel fight Drake in a snow dimension while Hikaru wonders the city and bumps into Akane, which her family is doing well with their business. Kai inspired them. Sungel goes back and fights Darke. Sleipner is sent to seek out Wolzard who has N.Ma. who Dagon wants. At the end, the siblings that to put Hikaru in a holiday costume.

Stage 43: Garden of Thorns ~Magi Magi Gogika~
Toad is chosen and releases tadpole spores into the sky. Urara and Tsubasa remember when they were younger and got trapped in a conveyance truck in a junkyard and got rescued by their mother. Once Urara finds out about the toads, her fear comes back and she runs away. The Magiranger are taken to another dimension where they must go through a real board game in the garden of thorns.

There they face their evil counterparts who have black necks and more advanced magical skills.

Stage 44: Scent of Mother ~Giruma Giruma Gonga~
[Continued from Stage 43]
- The siblings finally arrive at Toad's lair thanks to Urara's legend water spell on the dice from the game. They are smaller so they become MagiLegend to be more even. Meanwhile Hikaru uses Travelion's Destruction Fire to destroy the sky toad eggs. They finally get a hold of their mother but Toad licks it away. They go back to Earth and fight, Toad tosses their mother in the air, they try to catch her but Toad spits out black goo that seemingly blows up the thorn chamber she was in. The siblings fall to the shores in defeat, Tsubasa lifts himself up and uses magic vision to track their mother, the others do it as well. Urara spots her in the sky and Tsubasa uses a spell to bring her back down. She wakes up and they have a tearful hug reunion. Magimother destroys the frogs in the sky. At the end, Dagon takes N.Ma out of Wolzard, rendering him into an injured Bragel.

Stage 45: Two Friends ~Gii Golu Maguna~
The siblings are happy to have their mother back and her cooking. Titan is chosen and attacks the city. When he lowers in the size, the rangers scow er the city looking for him, Houka finds him with a puppy and befriends him. Makito doesn't approve of the friendship, neither does Wyvern and Sphinx. Meanwhile, their mother looks for her husband and finds him where Dagon left him. N.Ma has chosen Titan to be his host and Houka runs away with him on the Magic Express with some tag along.

Stage 46: Head for the Lake ~Goolu Golu Golu Goludiiro~
[Continued from Stage 45]
- Wyvern is asked to find Titan while Houka, Makito, Titan, and Smoky are on their way to a safe forest on the Magic Express. Kai, Tsubasa, Urara, & Hikaru are still at where the escape took place and so is Sphinx, she blasts her hole with her weapon into the ground making them fall in and wraps them in silk. If they let loose, they fall a deep fall.

Titan gets away but Wyvern finds out Makito and Houka. Miyuki has been successful in healing Isamu and Wolzard Fire saves the day. Unfortunately Dagon finds Titan and kills him. Titan grows giant, his skin is pealed away to Houka's horror to reveal N.Ma.

Stage 47: The Magic is in You ~Luludo Goludiiro~
Sphinx is the next chosen and by N.Ma himself. It is decided that Sungel must go to Magitopia much to Urara's dismay. They go on a date but ultimately he believes them together may never work. The others intervene to no immediate resolution. Sphinx beats up the rangers but after Urara reasons with her, Sphinx revaluates everything. Hikaru thinks it through and proposes to Urara ending in their marriage to one another. But just when they are about to kiss, Lunagel comes in with distressing news... that N.Ma has attacked Magitopia.

Stage 48: Decisive Battle? ~Maji Majuulu Gogoolu Jingajin~
[Continued from Stage 47]
- Lunagel tells all about what is happening on Magitopia and Isamu decides to go up there with Sungel. Kai wants to go so Isamu decides to show him a lesson. The eight of them (with Mandora-Boy and Smoky) say their goodbyes in front of the Ozu house. MagiShine and Wolzard Fire head to Magitopia while the siblings fight Sleipner and MagiMother against Dagon. The Magiranger defeat Sleipner but got caught by N.Ma's tentacles. He uses the five's magical energy to turn the Earth so rapid to where it is a barren wasteland.

Stage 49: Return of the Legend ~Maaji Maji Majendo~
[Continued from Stage 48]
- Earth is a barren wasteland and it is the five Ozu siblings versus N.Ma. Kai uses his MagiStick Sword and MagiDialRod against N.Ma and manage to reverse time back.

Nai and Mea come to the rescue and revive Sungel and Bragel. Then the eight Magiranger defeat N.Ma. Sphinx and Vankyuria peacefully resolve to rebuild the Infreshia and never bother them again.

Kodansha Magiranger OVA Special Revealed! The Gold GripPhone's Chou Mahou ~Golu Goolu Gou Gou~
In this 12 minute special, Kai and Hikaru are in the chess box they always practice in and find a water spring. Kai drops his MagiPhone in it and out comes out the Goddess of the Spring that resembles his mother. She offers him two phones: the Golden Grip Phone or Silver MagiPhone. Hikaru encourages Kai not to lie, he thinks about his older siblings and what they would say (through clips of past episodes).

He picks the Golden one and becomes KaiShine and traps Hikaru in the MagiLamp. Because the phone didn't like his lying heart, he turned him into Spider. Luckily, the Silver phone turned him back and he learned his lesson... maybe. Takes place somewhere after Episode 26.