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Height: 231cm to 52.1m
Weight: 125kg to 28.2t
Myth Origin: According to the folklore and mythology of the peoples of Northern Europe, the ogres are a race of humanoid beings, fierce and cruel monsters, that eat human flesh.
Buranken's third strongest monster aimed to destroy the Magiranger. He could spin around and use his weapon as a propeller, he would fly around and hit buildings. He severely hurt the rangers. He was sent to find the 'key.'

Height: 219cm
Weight: 116kg
Myth Origin: Ghouls are a variety of monsters that come from Arab folklore. The Arabian ghoul is a desert-dwelling, shapeshifting demon that can transform itself into the guise of an animal, especially a hyaena.
The second strongest monster picked and has metal boxing gloves that hurt Makito's left foot and broke Tsubasa's right hand. Buranken used Orge's weapon to beat Ghoul's stomach to train him. It powered up his stomach and it obtained another form. He never grew giant. He resembles a hyena. He appeared in the darkness in episode thirteen.

Height: 226cm to 50.9m
Weight: 82kg to 18.5t
The strongest of the three sent to find the 'key.' His head who open to reveal a red human skull. When fallen to pieces, the red skull would glow and he would put reassembled. His spare bones would move straight out to shoot out. To grow, he pealed out of the one skin and grew huge. He appeared in the darkness in episode thirteen.

This scar people would sadly reveal to their friends and Houka's groom has one as well. Skeleton was of course responsible.