Full name: Spirit Fire Kaiser
Height: 48.0
Lenght: 35.8
Weight: 4000 tons
Attacks: Fire Spin Blade
Episode Appearances: 9, 18
The combination of MagiPhoenix with Valkyrion. Everyone is quite astounded that Kai merges with the enemy's horse, even Wolzard. But Kai assisted the horse in its hour of need. Their friendship doesn't last long, after forming FireKaizer, he leaves to go back to Wolzard. Wolzard explains that Valkyrion acknowledged Kai as a warrior. His weapon is made of Valkyrion's mane and head. It does an attack in which both ends of the weapon burns. He also uses the mane as a fire whip. "Jiruma Maaji Maji Jinga" to transform. Yuujou Gattai (Friendship Combination).

In episode 18, Valkyrion offers to help and MagiPhoenix rode on him. Lungel rode on MagiPhoenix's shoulder. Valkyrion and MagiPhoenix became FireKaizer and fought Buranken. They magically became MagiKing again and Valkyrion was not seen.