Alternate spelling: Barikion
Full name: MitibiUma Valkyrion
Height: 35 m
Length: 56.5 m
Width: 21 m
Weight: 3100 tons
A giant horse that Wolzard had possession of. When Wolzard calls for him, comes up from an Infershia symbol in the ground and flies into the air. In episode 9, to catch WolCentaurus before he went, Kai tagged along into the portal and ended up in a desert world [visually was overconstrasted (less depth in brightness) and low saturation (less color) like in most memory sequences in sentai] with Valkyrion in a real horse form. Kai was upset at him too because he was involved in his mother's death. He helped take out an arrow out of him, he bled green blood. Their friendship doesn't last long, after forming FireKaizer, he leaves to go back to Wolzard. Wolzard explains that Valkyrion acknowledged Kai as a warrior.

Alternate spelling: UrCentaurus, WolKentaurus
Height: 38.5
Length: 47.5 m
Width: 21 m
Weight: 400 tons
Wolzard jumps into Valkyrion to become a centaur sort. Appears in the first episode.

Alternate spelling: Urkaizer, Ulkaizer
Height: 48.0
Length: 35.8 m
Width: 17.2 m
Weight: 4000 tons
The combination of Worzard with his Valkyrion. It first appears in episode 6. His weapon is Valyrion's mane and tail. The Jagun Shield makes the chest. In Episope 9, Vankyuria stabs Wolkaizer with an arrow which ends on Valkyrion. Wolzard becomes WolKentaurus with good magic in episode 42.