Mirai Sentai Timeranger
Mirai Sentai Timeranger
JAPAN 2000 - 2001
Number of Episodes: 51
Air Dates: February 13, 2000 to February 11, 2001

In the Twenty-second Super Sentai Series, its the year 3000 (30th century) and time travel is only allowed for emergencies to save the world and continuation. The Bureau of Administrative Services are in charge of time travel. A golden robot Gien helps criminal Don Dunero escape freeze compression. Accomplice Lila disguised as the Time Captain chooses four rookies and they crash land in the year 2000. Lila shows her true self and leaves the four to die with a bomb. They survived and team up with a Tatsuya because the Chrono Changers can not be activated without five people. They do so to stop the Londars Family (Don Dunero, Gien, Lila and defrosted prisoners of the Londars Jail). The Asami Group is owned by Time Red's rich family. The father is trying to get him back. Since the Timerangers and the Londars Family are in the same time zone, the future still hasn't changed, that's why the mecha can be sent to our time. Meanwhile, they stay in a live-in office building (Tatsuya uses his savings to rent) and work as "Tommorow Research" hence the blue jackets. Tatsuya teaches karate, Domon teches self-defense classes, Sion fixes electronics, Ayase is a car driver (escort) and Yuuri is a detective. They also do odd jobs.

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