Urara Ozu, MagiBlue
Urara Ozu, MagiBlue
Full Name: Urara Ozu
Ranger Designation: MagiBlue
Age: 20
Henshin Device: MagiPhone
Weapons/Items: MagiStick, Crystal Ball, MagiLampBuster
Main Attack: Blue Splash
Magic Speciality: Divination
Sky Saint: Supurajeru of Water
Majin and Majuu: MagiMermaid, MagiLion

She is the level-headed amd sensitive one. She keeps her feelings to herself until they come all out at once. Most of the time, her siblings don't know whats really bothering her. She has a pocket mirror that her mother gave her and Kai broke it in episode four. She still carried it with her. In episode 8, she had the option of becoming the lead star of a cheerleading movie after Manticore got rid of the lead actress. Houka auditioned for the role but Urara won the director's heart. She didn't want to show her true feelings of wanting to be a star to her big sister because she knew she wanted the role before. Houka incouraged her to do it but she opted to not do it to help her siblings in the end of course. She takes care of the household expenses and grocery shops where she listens in to a trio of female patrons' gossip. Her symbol is of the Mermaid.

She became a mother figure to Smoky. When she first met Sungel, she didn't find him appealing as frog but once she kissed him, he became a handsome mentor. When he was to head to Magitopia in Episode 47, she was upset but asked him out on a date. They spent the day together at the zoo, share coffee and her play the piano. Eventually, he proposed to her, she accepted and at the ceremony they exchanged Oath Rings. They were about to kiss when Lunagel falls in injured. Hikaru gives Smoky to Urara and tells him to protect her in Episode 48. Smoky was defeated taking a hit that was meant for her. Even though, they are married, Urara still refers to her husband as Hikaru-Senshi.