Infershia Monsters > Forbidden Hades Beasts
Memmi uses 'forbidden magic' to create these particular beasts.

Height: 55 m
Weight: 310 tons
Memmi scarified Bulrates as part of the a forbidden ritual to create the very dangerous Machine Golem. Hikaru goes to the dark world with Smoky in Travelion to fight it. It sends little unknowns that hit Travelion. Machine Golem literally threw Travelion through from the dark world to the real world and started destroying buildings. It was defeated by MagiLegendKing.

It was sent by Memmi to infect people with its fungus and Makito falls victim.
It was able to wipe out some Haizobiru. Memmi gives it to Nai ~ Mea. MagiShine
is able to slow down the process on Makito. The Magiranger suits protect them
from the infection. Hikaru and Lunagel flew above the city with Skycarpet sprinkling
magic to slow down the infection. Four Legend Magiranger except Green destroyed
with Blazing Storm attack on Mold and lifted the infection. Memmi was able to infect
MagiLegend with red mold while they were fighting Wolkaizer. Instead of finishing
them off, Wolzard lifted the infection off them.


Height: 235cm to 53.5m
Weight: 140kg to 31.9t
Memmi created Chimera by merging the demon souls into one in another dimension while he was facing Lungel and Hikaru. Not only the head spoke, but the left side (Chameleon-resmebling woman head) and right side (Bull-like male ceature) spoke. They mostly screamed and laughed at the same time. Chimera then busts through to the real world while the Legend Magiranger where fighting Wolzard. Vankyuria used it aganist the Magiranger to get their father away from them. Chimera was destoryed by SaintKaiser.