Makito Ozu, MagiGreen
Makito Ozu, MagiGreen
Full Name: Makito Ozu
Ranger Designation: MagiGreen
Age: 24
Henshin Device: MagiPhone
Weapons: MagiStick Axe, MagiDialRod
Main Attack: Green Ground
Magic Speciality: Herbology
Sky Saint: Granjeru of Earth
Majin and Majuu: MagiTaurus, MagiLion

He is a chef and spends time growing fresh produce in his farm. He is usually easy going but does have a nasty temper. As the eldest at age 24 and with their father missing, he acts as his sibling's father figure. He commands the team in plans while Kai commands in regular red ranger ways. He can turn a stick into a raveling vine with his MagiStick. 'Jiruma Majika' is the spell for him to control plants. For example, trees pointed the direction to where Eriko was in episode 10. He wins Eriko's heart in episode 10 as well. Eriko makes a cameo at the end of episode 21. His symbol is of the Minotaur. In episode 27, his other siblings are turned aganist him and everyone except Kai moves out. He tries to lure them back with childhood memories but it doesn't work. He breaks out their 1995 family album where they barbequed and had a fun time. Makito as MagiTaurus destroies Shichijiro who caused all of this but he took over Makito and he donned his armor. Once he destroyed the album, the others snapped out of it and where able to take him out of the control enough for Hikaru to destroy the Shichijiro's sword.

Makito calls upon a muscular upperbody with 'Magi Maagi'. Appears in Episode 21 and uses it regularly.

Rock Armor
Legend MagiGreen yells out 'Goru Maagi' to create the Rock Armor. Only appeared in episode 38.