Height: 53 m
Width: 51.7 m
Length: 34 m
Weight: 9200 tons
The Magic Express. The six piece MagiTrain becomes Travelion, MagiShine's mecha. When it first appears, Hikaru uses to take the siblings on their first mission... to prehistoric times. Their mission to find the ticket to come back home. Once they find it, they come back in the train. Appears in Episode 21. For his "Destruction Fire" attak, little trains come out of hatches from the legs and make railroad track chains around the opponnent. Then the opponnent is sucked into the chestplate (cannon barrel) that has a furnace that burns them up. The conducter cockpit of the train is the same cockpit for its robot mode. Steam comes out of the head. In Episode 25, Gaston the Thief steals the ticket for MagiTrain and Nea ~ Mea take control of Travelion which the MagiMajin fight.

Height: 15.9 m
Width: 200 m
Length: 13.1 m
Weight: 9200 tons
Speed: 500 km/hr
The big doors in their headquarters lead the trainstation where MagiTrain is at when Hikaru punching in the train card with his GripPhone. MagiTrain can travel long distances and across time. Houka uses it to escape with Titan and Makito in Episode 45. MagiShine and Wolzard
Fire use it to travel to Magitopia in Episode 48.

The Oz siblings inside the train.

MagiShine pilots while Smoky piles coal in the furnance in the cokpit.