Isamu Ozu, Wolzard Fire
Full Name: Isamu Ozu
SkySaint Name: Bragel
Ranger Designation: Wolzard Fire
Attack: Raging Flame Slash
Weapons/Gear: WolSabre, Jagun Shield, Fire Wolzaphone

Isamu returns in epsiode 45 after heavily injured by the Pantheon. He and N.Ma shared a body as Wolzard and Wyvern, Titan and Dagon fought him. Dagon sucked N.Ma out of him in episode 44 and he became Bragel. Dagon made the ground open beneath him and Bragel fell in. Miyuki found him in Episode 45 and healed him so he could save his family from Wyvern. He absorbed a fire attack from Wyvern and became Wolzard Fire. He defeated Wyvern with his Raging Flame Slash. He now fights alongside his family. He approved of his daughter Urara and apprentice Sungel's marriage by magically making them a beautiful church ceremony in episode 47. Kai wants to go with him and Sungel to Magitopia to fight N.Ma but Isamu puts him through a test and duels him as Bragel. He fights with the red WolSabre and his SkySaint weapon. He ultimately goes to Magitopia with Sungel and gets killed by N.Ma. He is revived by Nai~Mea in Episode 49.