Infershia Arsenal

Jagun Shield
The shield Wolzard carries contains the eye of N. Ma, the master of the Infershia, which opens up in the shield. These weapons enlarge along with Wolzard when he does so. The Jagun Shield is destroyed at the end of episode 44 by the Infreshia God Titan.

Alternate Spelling: Ursabre
Wolzard's personal sword. The sword has the letter 'W' which he has on his chest and contrasts the Magiranger's 'M'.

Nai always carries around this puppet with her. She does a special attack with it and Mea's round purse.

Hell Fang
Buranken's sword is made out of N.Ma.'s fang.

Dark Heavy Bow Gun of Juusatsu
In Episode 16, Nai uses the crossbow Vankyuria used in Episode 9 aganist Wolkaizer.
Exploding Torrent Gun of Destruction
In Episode 16, Mai uses a gattling cannon with seven holes.

Alternate Spelling: Uuzaphone
Wolzard gave Memmi some of his magic and he made two phones for Nai ~ Mea for a way for Vankyuria to use Wolzard and Memmi's magic to enlarge monsters. They can also use it to merge into other forms other than Vankyuria like Smoky. First appeared in Episode 26. Wolzard takes the Wolzaphones away from Nai ~ Mea in Episode 32 and makes it into his power again and absorbs it. They somehow have possession of them again in Episode 49 and once they are allied with the Magiranger family, they communicate with them.

Book of Prophecy
Most of the Infershia events from every dark beast to N.Ma's destruction have been noted in this book. Nai ~ Mea happen upon it after climbing out of rubble in episode 35. Nai ~ Mea wanted to skip to the end to see what the future held and the book flew away. They follow the book into the Valley of the Pantheon where the Infreshia Pantheon were. In episode 39, Vankyuria captures it again as it was flying and read about Cyclops but Gorgon picked it up (and catching a glimpse that she would be selected next to go to the surface) and the book flew away again.

Slab of Judgment
A deteriorating block at the top of the Infreshia God's throne that selects whose turn it is to wreak havoc. The gods must show their weapons toward and they glow. They walk through it to go to the surface. In Episode 45, N.Ma's energy goes into it while it waits for Titan's body. Once he does have the body in ep 47, he does stay in there to dispatch the next to rule out Divine Punishment. N.Ma eventually breaks through it after Sphinx's betrayal.