Alternate spelling: Mandoru
Their little friend derived from the mandrake plant. Mandoru first officially meets the siblings in episode three when they find their secret headquarters and he enlights them with a song. He is in a pot, he was feet but stays in the pot where he can be carried. We see in the end of the first episode speaking to the audience. Most of the time after he says something, he ends it with 'mastesou'. This herb in real life is useful in magick but other than it, it can also can be use aganist cancer medically.
In the movie, Hikaru leaves a magiticket to the siblings that makes Mandora-boy into a giant beanstalk, the siblings grab hold of it as it soared up to Magitopia. The siblings met their respective Sky Saints and then literally crashed into Magiel's palace.

Yamazaki Yuka
Appearances: 5, 14, 25, 39-40, 49, the movie
Kai's soccer team manager and fellow student that he had a crush on but unfortuantely she had the hots for MagiRed or red magician as she reffered him to. She first appeared in episode 5. She re-appeared in episode 14, when Kai asked her out on a date to see a Karaoke cartoon movie. Kai had to choose between going out with her or to train with his family to beat Ghoul. She was upset that he wasn't there with her when he chose the latter. She did see when MagiRed defeated Ghoul and he ran up to her to give a hug without remembering who he was. Fortunately she didn't noticed his brothers and sisters that were not transformed and put two and two together. In Episode 25, she had a little MagiRed keychain that was stolen by a girl bully. Kai managed to get it back and give it to her. She then surprised her with her very own Kai keychain.

In the movie she was kidnapped by Glum and made into his bride. She figured out Kai's identity on her own, she told him she would keep it a secret, but it was not mentioned again in the show.

Appearances: Episode 10, 20
She has a flower store and Makito wins her heart eventually. After taking care of her plant that was possessed and saving her from it ofcourse. When Hikaru came along, she saw him and said he was cute. Makito jealous ofcourse.

Appearances: Episode 15, 29
Houka's eccentric photographer friend who wears spectacles that probably aren't medicated. Houka wanted to marry him because he had a death mark by the Super Hades Beast Skeleton and wanted to make his last moments wonderful since he would soon disappear. When Makito didn't approve of the marriage, Tetsuya came and told him the truth. But when Skeleton was defeated and Tetsuya was safe, he and Houka decided not to marry. He is a bit effeminate. He appears again in Episode 29 when Houka is rebooting her memory and she doesn't remember who he is. He dresses in pink as well.

Smoky the Magical Cat
Smoky was a little kitty born from a Magitopia volcano. One day he was around lots of treasure and wanted to open one particular treasure chest. MagiShine warned him out to open it. He did and dark magic trapped him in the MagiLamp. Urara is the closest to Smoky and he considers her his mother.
In Episode 19, Nai and Mea wanted to get to Raijel which was sealed by good magic in a cave so the only way to get to him was for to trick the Magiranger in there. In the cave, there was the stone Raijel, a little frog (which the rangers didn't notice) and the lamp. Smoky, a Genie-Majin came out after Kai rubbed the lamp and sang a familar song. He wasn't eager to fight, especially when Memmi came along. He finally did fight Memmi and revealed the MagiKing from his hands. He mostly opens his teeth when he is peaking out of the lamp. When Sungel is released from his spell, he punishes Smoky from not doing anything. Smoky is quite mischievous, he susgests using a dark magic book in episode 22 and Hikaru takes the black book and chains it up.

In episode 26, Urara scolds him for pouring worms on Mandora-boy causing him to have holes in his leaves. Kusao Takeshi is his voice. As for revenge for grounding him, he turns the ranger's resturant sushi into kitty litter. When Nai and Mea turn other food into the same, the rangers are led to believe it was him. They scold him and he cut off the smoke tie to the lamp and physically ran away. He left a toxicating yellow gas in their hideout. Urara found him and he fought a harpy beastwoman Peewai. Because he was out of his lamp for more than three hours, he slowly disappeared but MagiShine was able to suck up the smoke back into the lamp. He is the minister in his master and mom's wedding in epsidode 47. Sadly, he is destroyed taking a hit from god Dagon that was meant for Urara in episode 48. He was revived in episode 49 by Nai and Mea.

'Delivery Goat'
In episode 31, a mail-delivery goat with a hat and vest appeared in their headquarters. He delivered messages from his mouth. He is from Magitopia and sends messages from there to Earth. Once he is pet by Kai and Houka, he leaves.

Spring Goddess
Appears in the OVA Special, resembles Miyuki. Kai's MagiPhone falls in the spring she protects and she offers him the Golden MagiPhone or the Silver MagiPhone. She is nice and concerned.

When the Magiranger are at a resturant, it is attacked by Biljik and the Dekaranger, including Umeko was in the resturant, came to the rescue. Their attacks were unuseful against Babon and Ban, not knowing this, attacked with his new Battlizer. The Dekaranger were hestitant to let Magiranger help them, even after they rescued Jasmine and Urara from the Infreshia. Eventually, the Dekaranger learned what family was about and worked together with the Magiranger against the villains. Swan came to the Oz household and told them of the time Miyuki visited the Deka Base.