Urara Ozu, MagiYellow
Urara Ozu, MagiYellow
Full Name: Tsubasa Ozu
Ranger Designation: MagiYellow
Age: 19
Henshin Device: MagiPhone
Weapons: MagiStick BowGun, Crystalization Dawn, MagiPunch, MagiDialRod BowGun
Main Attack: Yellow Thunder
Magic Speciality: Potions
Sky Saint: Porujeru of Lighting
Majin and Majuu: MagiGaruda, MagiLion

He is striken with grief when they lose their mother and wry of going into battle until a message from his mother instills his courage. He dislikes not being informed or trained in advanced. He is the nonconformist of the group. He often argues with Kai. His attack "Yellow Thunder" enables him to call upon lighting to his Magistick to shock his enemy. His symbol is of the Garuda.

In episode 7, Kai fell into a deep sleep and Tsubasa tried to help his brother. He first created a potion that made people accelerate. Second, he made a potion out of bananas, water, and honey and it made a little peacepit that he had to swallow and enter the world Kai was in. An imaginary Wolzard was following Kai and Tsubasa defeated him. They lastly met with their mother who gave them a special message. In episode 11-12, his dear sister Houka was turned into a vampire and fallen under Vankyuria's spell. He was able to detect a trick of her's involving apples and when she fought aganist him, he tried to appeal to her soul only to be kicked down. Mandora-boy gave Tsubasa a book indicating 'Crystilization Dawn' to cure Houka. He made the yellow crystal and used it as a point on his MagiStick Crossbow. He used his lighting attack on Vankyuria, it powered down Houka and removed the spell. Tsubasa then used a united attack with his other three siblings and their MagiSticks. The MagiSticks swirled around like a rainbow and made a cross-like symbol on Vankyuria, blowing her up. He made another one in episode 16 and she smashed it again.

In episode 14, he broke his hand punching Ghoul. He practiced alot of boxing before, indicated in a flashback in episode 13. When Kai wanted to go out on a date more than fight, Tsubasa practiced boxing and showed his siblings he would win. But his hand was bleeding badly which Kai found out. Tsubasa was the one to give Kai the gloves MagiPunch. In episode 16, Tsubasa made a potion to refresh Rin's memory that she was Lunagel. In Episode 23, a good student to Hikaru, he disobeys him by breaking the chains he made on a dark magic book (black pages with pink font) that Smoky had susgested using eariler. He uses Reverse Magic to find out what happened to his boxing buddy Kouta who was victim of Belbirege. He remembers a flashback where he had leave being Kouta's partner because of his ranger duties. Urara scolds him for using the book. Once he finds out it is a dark beast Spider that is keeping Kouta's soul, the Magiranger go after it, Tsubasa manages to finally obtain the soul but looses grip of it because of a pain in his chest. MagiKing is disassembled because of this. Because he used the dark magic, Tsubasa gets a whirlwind chasm in his chest that makes the sky dark as in night. Hikaru manages to temporarily quiet it down by punching a card with his GripPhone and activating the redemy. Tsubasa got a tattoo on his chest and was weak. Hikaru managed to heal Tsubasa with Chronogel's staff and Tsubasa then reunited with Kouta, training him in boxing.

In episode 38, Tsubasa has a breakdown when Cyclops takes out most of his family. He manages to put it all together to outsmart Cyclops, used the DialRod BowGun and saved his family. In 'Boukenger vs. Super Sentai,' he was in a 'Undisputed Japan Super Banta Weight Champonship' when Eiji went to recruit him to save the Boukenger. Later he did help Eiji, other veteran Sentai Warriors, and Akared fight against Gajya, Chronos and three revived villains.