Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger
Ninpuu Sentai Harikenja
JAPAN 2002 -2003
Number of Episodes: 51
Air Dates: February 17, 2002 to February 09, 2003

In one of the top ninja schools, three students aren't exactly fitting in. When they skip out a class meeting, space alien ninjas known as the Jakanja infiltrate the school and capture the entire school. The students are never mentioned again and presumed dead. Mugensai, their teacher, turns himself into a hamster to run away from the attack. The trio was taken to a secret base by Oboro, Mugensai's daughter and given Hurricane Gyros, devices to become the legendary Hurricanger to fight the threat. As the battles endure two students from a rival school decide to present themselves to the Hurricanger. It happens that the Goraijer has discord with them. If the Goraijer defeat the greatest ninjas, the Hayate Way ninjas, they will become the greatest. The Hurricanger don't understand this, they just want to get along against a common enemy. The Goraijer team up with the Jakanja because they believe they have a common enemy in the Hurricanger. The Goraijer later betray the Jakanja by leaving them and some of them seek vengeance in them. The Hurricanger and Goraijer sort of team up but don't really get along. The Goraijer are very stubborn and think if they are very 'buddy' with the Hurricanger, they are letting go their teachings and pride. After all they go through at the end, they team up and defeat the Jakanja.

In this series, there is robot ninjas and organic monsters that our heroes face. The robots are destroyed by the main weapon then the "Copy Giant" is sent to duplicate the image of the fallen machine. When an organic monster is destroyed, it is rebuilt by scroll sent down by Windenu's Bazooka. Later a mask is swinged out to grow the organic ones.

Note: The Goriajer finally are credited in the opening credits in Episode 24. Starting with episode 35, they added teasers to the show, before the opening credits. A teaser is a small scene of the episode lasting two minutes and sometimes with catch up material. The previews are shown after one commercial instead of instantly after the credits like before. Also, clips of the next episode of even shown during the mention of sponsors (like Bandai). Before they only used stock footage. Clips of the next episode is also shown with the mention of the Tv-Asahi website instead of the Hurricangers with their umbrellas like before.

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