Kai Ozu, MagiRed
Kai Ozu, MagiRed
Full Name: Kai Ozu
Ranger Designation: MagiRed
Age: 17
Henshin Device: MagiPhone
Weapons: MagiStick Sword, MagiPunch, MagiDialRod
Main Attack: Red Fire
Magic Speciality: Summoning
Sky Saint: Frajiel of fire
Majin and Majuu: MagiPhoenix, FireKaizer, SaintKaizer, FireBird

Kai is the youngest of the Oz. He is a second-year high school student who enjoys playing soccer. He fights with Tsubasa. His mother chose not to give him powers at first because she believed he was too implusive and he believe that to be courage. But when he proved himself by following his siblings and saving them from Wolzard, the magic chose him which was much to his mother's approval. His attack "Red Fire" has him fly across his enemies englufed in a phoenix-shaped red flame that flaps its wings. He does alot of soccer ball attacks: he turns a Zobiru into a ball and kicks it to the grunts; as MagiPhoenix, he kicks MagiFairy as a ball; and he kicks a fireball that MagiDragon makes.

He is the most upset about Wolzard killing their mother. He wants revenge while his siblings are more cautious. Purple lighting crosses his head and he gets a message from Wolzard, this begins in episode 6 and is an ongoing occurance. In episode 5, he has a crush on his soccer manager Yamazaki and Houka tries to hook them up but her situations always ended up wrong. Yamazaki ends up having feelings for his other identity. In Episode 25, his courage was stolen by a Beastman Gaston and he couldn't stand up to a female bully who stole Yamazaki's MagiRed keychain. Without courage, he couldn't transform. Thanks to Hikaru's advice, he was able to get the keychain back and defeat Gaston.

In episode 33, Kai is told Lungel about his father Bragel and he is awe of him. He even uses his attack Blazing Storm when held captive by N.Ma. He takes the revealation that Wolzard is his father the hardest and when the others want to forgive him (because he was under a spell), he can't forgive him for the things he has done. In Episode 39, he was still on the outs with his lady love Yamazaki who Houka tried to repair their relationship when she was in Kai's body. Kai as Houka then broke up with her fifteen not-so exclusive boyfriends. In Episode 48, he pleads to his father that he wants to help him fight in Magitopia so his father duels with him. Kai ends up loosing but he learns from his father's lesson to beat N.Ma. Kai remembers an attack he did on Wolzard and does it to Bragel. His father quickly blocks it. He later uses the same technique with his MagiStickSword and MagiDialRod aganist N.Ma. A year later, he is n excelled wizard with his father's outfit.