MagiFirebird and MagiLion are two new Majuu, that premiere in Episode 31. The Magiranger were told that the Legend power was temporary and they were not equipped to use it. The next time they would use it, they would loose it and this depressed them. When they saw the world in danger of Machine Golem, they decided to use it and they were able to form MagiLegendKing. After defeating Machine Golem, they proved themselves to the Sky Saints and were able to keep the power.

Height: 16.8 m
Width: 60.0 m
Weight: 2100 tons
Legend MagiRed becomes MagiFirebird when he performs the spell 3 "Maagi Goru Maguru" on his MagiDailRod.

When the other Legend Magiranger (Green, Yellow, Pink and Blue) do the spell 4 "Maagi Jiruma Goru Gogoru" on their MagiDial Rods, they become the MagiLion.

MagiLegend King
Height: 48.0 m
Width: 31.2 m
Weight: 9400 tons
Weapon: SpearCalibur, the top part spins.
Magical Climax Attack: Fire Tornado
The two Majuu perform the combination when they use the spell code 5 "Maagi Jiruma Goru Jingajin". It can change its claws to fists.

The Legend Magiranger in the cockpit.