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Nai and Mea found the Book of Prophecy that has every Infreshia occurance from past to future and stumbled into the Valley of the Pantheon. Where in the depths of the Kedomono Realm the ten hades gods were in deep slumber and awoken. Each member posesses an dark aura of forbidden magic. Their one goal is punish all humanity. They all appear in episode 35 and are all giant compared to Vankyuria. They all rise up to the surface through stairs to create fear in humanity, after beating the siblings, they go back to their lair. They have the Slab of Judgement at the top of their throne that selects whose turn it is to wreak their own havoc. They walk through it to go to the surface.

In Order of Death:

Fights: Episode 36
Appearances: Episode 35-36
50.9m to 226cm
Weight: 25.5t to 113kg
God Type: Warrior
Myth Origin: Ifrits in common mythology are jinn spirits that embody fire. They consider themselves superior to all races because they supposedly "came first," and they resent deeply that humans have found magical ways to take control over them. Even when tasked, they tend to show a ironic and malicious attitude, tending to subvert their masters' orders everytime they can.
His weapons was a club with giant ball attached, fire-based and the first to challange the Magiranger. He lit a entire tower on fire and then was charcoal black. He went from giant to human size to giant again in the end. Dagon sent a bolt of energy toward his belly while he was fighting MagiLegend and before he turned to stone and exploded, he revealed that one of them had their mother.

Fights: Episodes 37-38
Apperances: Episodes 35-38
58.3m to 259cm
Weight: 29.3t to 130kg
God Type: Warrior
Myth Origin: A Cyclops, or Kyklops is a member of -mythical race of giants with a single eye in the middle of their forehead. The word means round eye.
The second to challenge the Magirangers, a master sniper who went after the them in a game of cat and mouse. Anything he shoots with his red bullets becomes red and evaporates away. Even when the rangers cloak themselves, Cyclops can track them with his body temperature vision. He stabbed MagiKing in the center. He even shot a message on a wall in English: "Erase." Makito withstands his shots with his new rock armor but Cyclops manages to blast a hole through it and shoots Makito. He becomes regular MagiGreen and then with another shot, he is evaporated away in red light. He then took out their sisters. Tsubasa then figured out he would hide in reflections. Cyclops was defeated by the DialRod Bow Gun. All then returned back to normal. Ofcourse, he comes out giant and is finally destroyed by MagiLegend.

Fights: Episode 39-40
Appearances: Episodes 35-40
49.6m to 220cm
Weight: 23.7t to 105kg
God Type: Wisdom
Myth Origin: In Greek mythology, the Gorgons ("terrible" or, according to some, "loud-roaring") were vicious female monsters with sharp fangs and hair of living, venomous snakes.
Her weapon is a shield that has a face that its eyes turns victims to stone and has four snakes for hair that she pets. She is the one who convinces Drake to challange MagiShine. She then was chosen to go up in episode 39 after Toad had already done so. She sent poison snakes throughout the city to paralyze her victims. Kai and Houka were sent a spell that made her slip while giant. She became human size but scoot around waist up trailed by black smoke. A snake bit Smoky paralyzing him and then her shield's eyes turned Smoky into stone.
Her as a big blue snake ate Makito, Urara, and Legend MagiYellow individually. She then became half snake (bottom half) when MagiShine fought her. She then became full snake to constrict and eat him. Once Kai and Houka were reverted back, they used a new attack to get their partners out of Gorgon's belly.
She grew giant again and Travelion took her sheild away, casting her snakes away. She then turned into a snake and wrapped around the Spear Calibur. MagiLegend used its fire attack lure her away. Their Fire Tornado attack finally destroyed her and Smoky reverted to normal.

Fights: Episode 37-38, 41-42
Appearances: Episodes 35-42
59.2m to 263cm
Weight: 27.5t to 122kg
God Type: Ultimate
Myth Origin: A drake is a dragon with only legs and no wings.
Weapon is a quad-tri-shaped spear. In episode 37, When it was Cyclops' turn to wreak havoc, Gorgon susgested he should go on his own. So he challanged Travelion as a giant, withstood its attacks and then fought with MagiShine in human size. He badly hurts MagiShine who then becomes Sungel. When Drake sends another attack toward Sungel, Sphinx intercepts it and then points her weapon at him. He laughs it off and departed.
In Episode 41, Drake is chosen by the slab, extends his neck and unfolds his large wings. He lays west to the city and fights MagiDragon in the air. Drake goes down to human size and meets Snowjiel who becomes human size as well and fights him. She drags him into a portal. In the Ep 42, he is in a snow dimension that the Legend Magirangers and Snowjiel try to fight him but he wins and they go back to Earth. All attacks don't effect him until Sungel finds his weakness that was effected when Kai kicked him as MagiPhoenix. Dagon is finished off by Travelion.

Fights: Episode 39, 43-44
Appearances: Episodes 35-44
59.6m to 238cm
Weight: 36.7t to 163kg
God Type: Warrior
Fattest of the Pantheon and carries a hammer which can be used as a horn and can shoot acid. He eats Zobiru from a bowl. He squirts his warts that desolve things like acid or makes his victims switch bodies. Gorgon convinced him to go to the surface when she already knew she was next to go up because she saw it in the Book of Prophecy.
He fought the Magiranger human size and giant but a call from their Slab of Judgement made him go back to Hades to choose who was going to go up. He hid the fact that he was already up on the surface. Gorgon was chosen. He uses his power on Kai and Houka, switching their bodies which prevents them from henshin to combat Gorgon. Also on Nai and Mea which prevented them from turning into Vankyuria for long. Sphinx turned them back.
He captured Miyuki (MagiMother) after her death, the found her soul when capturing other souls and made her part of his collection. In episode 43. he goes to the surface, legally this time and releases tadpoles into the sky that will become toads. He sends the siblings to another dimension. The siblings finally arrive at Toad's lair thanks to Urara's legend water spell on the dice from the game. They are smaller so they become MagiLegend to be moreeven. They finally get a hold of their mother but Toad licks it away. They go back to Earth and fight, Toad tosses their mother in the air, they try to catch her but Toad spits out black goo that seemingly blows up the thorn chamber she was in. He attacks Travelion who still hadn't destroyed the toad eggs in the sky. Travelion tries to use the Destruction Fire again but they are out of steam. MagiMother destroys the frogs in the sky. The Legend Magiranger and MagiMother use a group attack to defeat him.

Appearances: Episodes 35-46
Fights: Episode 46
50.5m to 224cm
Weight: 23.0t to 102kg
God Type: Warrior
Myth Origin: A wyvern is a winged reptilian legendary creature often found in medieval heraldry where the usual blazon is standin. The wyvern is similar to a European dragon, but it differs in that it has only two legs, cannot breathe fire, and has a barbed or snake-like tail. Occasionally, it is said to be smaller than a dragon or to be able to breathe fire.
He is the nicest toward Nai & Mea and spends time with them a lot until it his turn to fight. Weilds a scepter. In Episodes 43-44, He helped Dagon and Titan go after Wolzard, N.Ma was trapped in his body and fought Wolzard. After getting hit by the blazing Fire attack, he gets up but Dagon tells him not to continue much to his own protest. In Episode 45, he spits out green blood, Nai~Mea try to comfort him but he tosses them away. He went after Titan once he didn't want to be N.Ma's host. Houka runs him over with the MagiTrain but he appears inside and attacks Makito, Houka, and Titan. Legend MagiPink gets a new spell and makes a portal under him that kicks him into magical space. He caught Houka's disguise as Titan (she had a pink bow). Wyvern sent a fire attack toward the six Magirangers but fortunately he was done in by Wolzard Fire's Raging Flame Slash attack.

Interactions/Fights: Episode 45-46
Appearances: Episodes 35-46
63.5m to 282cm
Weight: 34.9t to 155kg
God Type: Warrior
Myth Origin: In Greek mythology, the Titans (Greek &Tau&iota&tau&alpha&nu) are among a series of gods, some of whom opposed Zeus and the Olympian gods in their ascent to power. Others who opposed the gods include the Gigantes, Typhon, and Ophioneus.
Weapon is a double bladed staff. He accidently steps on Mea and Nai in Episode 39. In Episode 44, he beats down Wolzard with hsi lighting ablities when Dagon and Wyvern went to seek him out. In 45, he is chosen by the slab and uses an electric ball to suck up all the electricty. Houka finds out he has a kind heart when he is near a puppy. N.Ma later chose Titan to hold his spirit for his reincarnation and Sphinx and Wyvern congratulated him for the honor of his body being sacrifice. Wyvern and Sphinx consider this an act of treason that Titan didn't want the honor. Titan ran off with Houka on the Magic Express to avoid Wyvern from killing him. Titan calls Makito 'Oni-chan' like Houka does. Beleving he was fianlly free, Titan stands in front of a lake only to be killed by Dagon and N.Ma took over Titan's body. For punishment of having a soul, Titan's soul faces the lake of sleep in the eternal sea. (According to TV-Asahi)

Interactions: Episode 38, 40
Fights: Episode 47
Appearances: Episodes 35-47
52.0m to 231cm
Weight: 23.8t to106kg
God Type: Wisdom
Myth Origin: A Sphinx is an iconic image of a recumbent lion with a human head, invented by the Egyptians of the Old Kingdom, but a cultural import in archaic Greek mythology, where it received its name ("strangler"). The best known is the Great Sphinx of Giza.
She always keeping tabs on the other gods and making sure things were played fairly. She intercepted a fight between Sungel and Drake and reversed the spell Toad did to Kaia nd Houka. In Episode 46, while Makito, Houka and Titan went off, Sphinx wrapped up Tsubasa, Hikaru, Kai and Urara in spider webs for them to understand how they get their power to defeat the gods individually. She was specifically chosen by N.Ma to carry out Divine Punishment in epsiode 47. She shortly fights the rangers easily defeating Travelion and MagiLegend with her gauntlet. She came to the conclusion that there was no importance of the surface world to the Infershia anymore and disappeared after fighting the rangers. She was then confronted and attacked by Sleipnir and Dagon, who took her down under N. Ma's orders for not destroying the Magirangers. With Vancuria's ability of resurrection she was revived, and saved Miyuki from Dagon, and tried to change Dagon's ways, but she had no choice but to kill Dagon. After N. Ma's defeat, Sphinx became the new ruling leader of the new Infershia, ending the war between her kind and Magitopia peacefully, and she began rebuilding the Kedomono Realm.

Fights: Episode 42, 48
Appearances: Episodes 35-48
58.1m to 258cm
Weight: 26.6t to 118kg
God Type: Ultimate
Myth Origin: In Norse mythology, Sleipnir is Odin's magical eight-legged steed, and the greatest of all horses.
Has a sheild and sword, looks like a solider. He fighted alongside Drake in episode 42. He wanted to draw out Wolzard. He has a chariot that pulls him with two blue Valkyrion-like horses. Wolzard comes out and cuts off a wheel off the chariot. Wolzard becomes WolKentaurus with good magic. Sleipner battled WolKentaurus and Wolzard sends him back to hades. After Sphinx was defeated, Sleipner and his horses attack the city in Episode 48 and MagiLegend fights him. He drills through them and they return to form. The five siblings defeat him.

Appearances: Episodes 35-49
Fights: 48-49
God Type:
Height: 54.3m to 241cm
Weight: 25.0t to 111kg
Myth Origin: Dagon was a major northwest Semitic god, Dagon was the god of the Philistines. The name "Dagon" is derived from "dag" which means "fish." worshipped by the early Amorites, by the people of Ebla, by the people of Ugarit and a chief god (perhaps the chief god) of the Biblical Philistines.The Babylonians had a myth that a being emerged from the Erythraean Sea who was part man and part fish and thus adopted the deity into their culture in their earliest days in history.
Weapon is a trident. His head is a actual fish, he is indeed their chief god. In episode 40, he puts his trident in a lake and a water explosion occurs. Wolzard's spirit emerges and rushes against Dagon but it doesn't effect him and Wolzard is gone. Nai~Mea find Wolzard, N.Ma's spirit is in him and Dagon is angered by this. He drove N.Ma out of Wolzard and killed Titan so N.Ma could take his body. He is upset about Sphinx's actions, he and Sleipner meet her in another location where Vankyuria leads them to. MagiMother fought him in Episode 48 with no avail. He takes Miyuki away. Miyuki is saved by Sphin and she takes Dagon down.