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King Glum and the titular Bride of Infershia, Yamazaki. Glum kidnapped Yamazaki and took her to Hades. There Memmi gave her the bride outfit. Yamazaki was placed under a spell with a diamond ring containing collected stolen human energy. Unigolon shoots out a ball of light from his horn that MagiRed kicks and breaks the spell over Yamazaki. She then dons a white wedding dress.

King Glúm
Full Name:
King Glúm the Berserker
Myth Origin: Berserkers were Norse warriors who had sworn allegiance to the sky god Odin and worked themselves into a frenzy before a battle. Glúm is the name of a Norse pseudo-deity presented in the Encyclopedia Mythica that doesn't appear in any ancient source and is claimed to be an attendant of Frigg.
King Glum is a Berserker, cruel warriors. His armor carries souls of the damned and release them as a large army, he planned to marry Yamazaki. King Glum wears a mask. He appeared during Kai's soccer game and made a rainstorm. He kidnapped Yamazaki. With a diamond ring called the Puppet Ring Memmi gave him, he collected people's souls that made the crystal under the diamond red. Hikaru took the ring from him. When Sungel fought him in a warehouse, spikes popped out of Glum's chest making an armor. His mask became spiked up as well. His sword can became a rifle. He took the ring back from Sungel and forced it on Yamazaki, putting her under a spell and making her eyes completely black.
For the wedding, the hades lair became a chapel, Memmi the priest and Nai~Mea were the bridemaids. The bride had a bouquet of purple flowers with a skull placed on it. Glum has a third form that is with a cape and spikes on his shoulders, his mask was spiked like in his second form. The Magiranger defeated him the first time with a group fire attack.

Spiked up armor form when he fights Sungel. Spiked shoulders and cape when he fights the siblings.
His sword becomes a rifle. Soldiers that would have been released if Glúm married Yamazaki.

Meijyuu the Living Sword
King Glum's servant is that a actual walking sword. They fought him in the beginning of the movie in the rain.

Sword of Glum
The combination of King Glum and the Living Sword. The Sword swallows up the defeated glum and they merge. Two of the claws spin around like blades. It was defeated by SaintKasier.
Height: 54.1 m
Weight: 73.4 tons