Alternate Spellings: Infleshia, Infercia
Full name: The Center-of-the-Earth Prefecture Infershia.
They are from the Kedamono Empire, who exist in the center of the Earth. More than ten years ago, they were beaten and sealed within the Earth. Now that they are free, they are up to conquer the surface. They are on ongoing war with Miyuki. When anyone from the Infershia appears, the symbol above appears in purple or other similar colors on the ground and the character appears.

Buranken, Vanculia, and Urzard bow to N.Ma in their evil lair.

N. Ma
Full name: Kedamonotei N. Ma
Their boss who hasn't fully awoken yet so his minions use pieces of him, which allows him to part of the battle. He communications to them through a hole in their headquarters. His name is a direct reference to Enma, the Japanese guardian and judge of the underworld.
In episode 33, he took the Magiranger's Legend powers away from them and then he rose from his hole as three dragon-like tentacles. Once fully out, he resembled an octopus. The newly reformed Brajiel finally defeated him in Episode 34 sacrificing himself. When Wolzard and N.Ma were sent to the afterlife, N.Ma was inside Wolzard and was hiding. He is plucked out by Dagon is episode 44 and is like a flame on a mantle in episode 45, when he chooses Titan to be his host.
Height: 56.3m to 250cm
Weight: 27.7t to 123kg
After Dagon killed Titan, N.Ma molded Titan's body to his own form and went off to attack Magitopia while the Pantheon distracted the magic family. He went back down to Earth to throw Sungel's and Bragel's corpses in front of their loved ones. He sucked the five sibling's energies to quicken the Earth's rotation to a barren wasteland. Kai weakened him with two weapons. The eight finally defeated him.

Full name: Chikara General Buranken
Height: 263cm to 50.3 meters
Weight: 143kg to 27.3 tons
Horror Movie Reference: Dr. Frankenstein's Monster
High Commander, he sits on a throne. He uses N. Ma's fang as a sword which ignites a blue flame. Parts of him is machine and they have gears that move. Steam comes out of his standing horn when he is mad. He is stuck in their headquarters. Wolzard used magic to release him once in episode 6, he grew gaint and fought aganist the Magiranger in episode 6. The Inferno Gate raised up in Episode 17 and Buranken pried himself from the doorway. He was defeated in episode 18 by MagiKing and their help of Magimother's spirit. His fang was taken by Wolzard.

Weight: 88kg
Alternate spelling: Bancuria, Vanculia
Horror Movie Reference: Vampire
This is the true form of the flying Queen Vampire spy. She spied on Wolzard (as Wolkaizer) and told Buranken that he was keeping the Magiking ability (in form of a glowing ball) that he stole from the rangers for himself. She is more of the serious side and a bit sensual to some of the men (Buranken and Wolzard).
Buranken gives him a crossbow to stab Wolzard with an arrow in episode 9. From episode 11 to 12, she has a thrall over Houka having her kiss her hand in a church. Houka was turning into a 'Queen Vampire'. She was blown up in episode 12 by four Magiranger. That night, she collects herself back (reintegrates) and has the yellow point (Crystalization Dawn) and breaks it into pieces. In Episode 16, she is beaten up by Branken because of her failure to capture Rin (Lunagel) and she cowards to Wolzard who gives her a power up from his N. Ma eye in his shield. Her nails become longer and her armor's fangs as well. Tsubasa had another Crystalized Dawn and Vankyuria absorbed the energy and smashed it again.
In Episode 35, once N.Ma, Memmi and Wolzard were gone, Vankyuria was on her own. She found the Infreshia gods and obeyed them. Dagon gave her one of his scales in episode 42 to inprint in Wolzard for him to be tracked.

Nai & Mea
Mischievous girls who disguise themselves for their schemes. Together their name sounds like nightmare. Mea has a umbrella that she uses in various attacks. The two girls have vampire fangs and can shoot bolts of energy out of their mouths. They are more like Vankyuria's childish and playful side. Nai seems to be the one with more brains. Most of the time, Mea repeats what Nai says. In episode 11, they disguised themselves as the rock band "Bloody Nightmare Sunday." Their guitars had their names on them. In Episode 16, Nai uses the crossbow Vankyuria used in Episode 9 and Mai uses a gattling cannon with seven holes (one in the center). They are the ones that lured the Magiranger to the cave where Raijel, Smoky and Hikaru were and found the Infreshia Gods. In Episode 47, they see Sphinx's glasses shatter on the ground in the result of Dagon killing her. They reform and revive Sphinx, Sungel and Bragel. They help the Magiranger in Episode 49 and join Sphinx in reforming the Infreshia.

Haizobiru (High Zobiru)
Leader Zobiru of the grunts. The Magiranger encounter one of them for the first time in Episode three. That one lost to them and was kicked down by another Haizobiru to Buraken who fried him with his sword. They either carry that weapon pictured above or a whip they folds in their hands. One of their attacks is to jump off a 'human pyramid' pile of Zobiru.

Alternate spelling: Zovil
Horror Movie Reference: Zombie
The lower sect of undead henchmen who carry similar axes. Salvia runs through their mouth and their rotting skull is hidden behind their masks. There is a ton of them surround the center of the lair, in rows starting from the hole on the Earth's ground all the way down to the lair.

Full name: Sorcerer Priest Memmi
Horror Movie Reference: Mummy
Name Reference: Egyptian Fourth-Fifth Dynasty priest Memi.
Height: 243cm to 92.8 meters
Weight: 95kg to 72.4 tons
Fifteen years ago, the traitor Sky Saint Raijiel of Lighting fought Sungel/MagiShine on Earth during a rainstorm. MagiShine turned him into stone and Raijel turned him into a frog.
Nai and Mea found him as a stone corpse and brought him to N. Ma to bring him to life. He now is Memmi, a mummy-like gerneral who is conceded and petty. He was the one who sealed away Lunagel's memories and LunagWel thought Wolzard was Raijel. He has the voice of a young man. He fought the Magiranger and either mimicked or did their same attack. MagiPink turned into a fan, he turned into a bigger fan. He became giant, really giant--five times bigger than MagiKing. He was beating them bad enough, that Smoky had to rise to the occasiWon and fought him. First appears in Episode 19.
In Episode 34, he targeted Hikaru and Lunajiel. Hikaru/MagiShine then agreed to have a chain-link duel with him. Memmi magically popped in Smoky/MagiLamp in the way of Hikaru's attack, targeting his weaknesses. But ultimately Memmi lost and turned back into Raijel and then to dust.