Majin refers to humanoid. The Majiranger press a special code on their MagPhones to become their majin form. To become majin, they dial 107 (Maagi Magi Magika) on their Magiphone.

MagiRed's majin form.
Height: 26.8 m
Width: 18.3 m
Weight: 900 tons
Attack: Phoenix Spin Kick
As MagiPhoenix, he kicks MagiFairy as a ball; and he kicks a fireball that MagiDragon makes.

Weapon: Phoenix Sword

MagiYellow's majin form.
Height: 26.7
Width: 15. 3
Weight: 950 tons
Weapon: Garuda Wing
Attack: Garuda Attack

MagiGreen's majin form, based on a minotaur.
Height: 36.7 m
Width: 17.7 m
Weight: 2120 tons

Weapon: Taurus Axe

MagiBlue's majin form.
Height: 26.6 m
Width: 14.0 m
Weight: 850 tons
She can change her legs into tail form.

Weapon: Mermaid Lance

MagiPink's majin form.
Width: 5.8 m
Height: 15.0 m
Weight: 80 tons
Weapon: Fairy Cutter
Her Fairy Cutter wings become the 'horns' of MagiDragon.

She turns into a ball (Majiren Ball) the others can toss and do attacks with. MagiPhoenix kicks the ball as a fireball. She can also become the Majiren Ball when she is in Ranger mode.