Sakura Nishibori, Bouken Pink
Full Name: Sakura Nishibori
Ranger Designation: Bouken Pink
Weapons: Survibuster, Surviblade, Scope Shot, Hydro Shooter
Gear: Accellular
Gougou Vehicle: Gougou Marine Diver, Gougou Shovel, Gougou Roader

Sakura's speciality is at Deep Marine Adventure. Being the sub-instructional person on the team and she was to be the heir of Nishihori Financial but ran away to find herself by joining the Self Defense Force, Japan's military, making her a firearm expert -- good at handling machines, shooting, and military arts. She refers to Satoru as Chief. She threatened Natsuki with a Jaryuu sword, believing her to be part of the Negative Syndicate and since tried to be friends with her. She has problems getting along with children which is fixed in episode 5 with her involvement with a child. Sakura is very loyal to SGS and keeps her feelings for Satoru to herself which is a mix of her strict upbringing and military training. Her emotional side breaks through more and more when her teammates are wounded by the cruetly of the Negative Syndicate. Other teammates have also noticed her closeness to Akashi but she does dare not admit it.

In Task 31, after Eiji was badly injured by Gai, Sakura's emotional self emerged after being enraged by the cruelty and treachery of Gai. When the Preicous Bank blew up and everyone believed Akashi was dead, she was understandbly upset and much more when Mr. Voice sealed the GoGoVehicles, she felt abadonned. The Kraths attacked and she was the only one from the group able to reach the SGS headquarters. When Mr. Voice didn't answer, she smashed the screen he would communicate with them. She came to the cry of a mysterious girl, who later was revealed to be Mr. Voice, when she was hiding the Brain of Gordom from the Kraths. Sakura who belived she had quit SGS, she discovered she wanted to help this girl and protect the Precious because it was her job. And with that, she smiled, she discovered her own treasure. When Akashi left to space on the DaiVoyager, Morio revealed to be disguised as Sakura. Sakura stowed away on GoGo Voyager on a new adventure in outer space with her chief, who she knows refers to as Akashi. She still stammered when she explained why she followed him, which their relaitonship was still evolving.