Jakuryuu Clan
The consequence of Dinosaur DNA exploitation that are determined on reversing the Earth to dinosaur age by conquering the world with the Precious' power.

Souzouou Ryuuwon
English Translation: Creator King Ryuuwon
First Appearance: Episode 2
Last Appearance: 47
Height: 214.7cm
Weight: 157 kg
The creator of the Jaryuu and wields two swords. He and Gajya are rivals. After Doldo ate Gajya, Ryuuwon held Gajya captive. When the Boukengers intervened in Ryuuwon's search for the "Brain of Gordom", he and Gajya joined forces. When they found the Brain, Gajya betrayed Ryuuwon by sealing him in stone,
but Ryuuwon freed himself and defeated Gajya. When he was about to claim his prize, BoukenRed intervened and defeated him in battle and Ryuuwon fell off the cliff. He has since formed an alliance with Gayja and they have been working on and off since. He was given special stones by Gayja in Episode 21 that became Kraths for him to use. In Episode 29, it is discovered that he was once human. 200 years ago he was an adventure whose dream was to have the Golden Sword and the Lemuria Egg. He then took a potion to become Ryuwon. His special attack is 'The Power of my Dream!' He was destroyed by the Golden Sword. He reappeared in Episode 33. By Episode 47, he is very weak and can't make any Jaryuu, not even a Ryuujinhei. He goes after the Pandora's Key for power but is beaten to it by Gajya. He commits seemingly kills himself by stabbing himself in the stomach, leaving his helmet, which is also a Precious. When the helmet is taken to the secret SGS Precious Bank and he re-emerged revealing a secret immortal ability. He planned to get the Lemurian Egg from SGS custody to become a powerful beast. He fought Akashi with Preicous weapons such as the Crossbow of Fighters and the Three-Country Sword. He performed the attack Jaryuu Roar, seriously injuring Akashi. Akashi then fought him with his own darkness, defeated him and the helmet was destroyed, making Ryuwon human again. At a last ditch effort, he enters the self-destructing Precious Base to get the Egg but Akashi stops him.

Ryuujinhei Jaryuu
English Translation: Dragonoid Soldier Jaryuu
First Appearance: Episode 2
The dragon-like Jaryuu Warriors. They wield swords and can summon hundreds of lizards from their bodies. Ryuwon usually has three of them with him. They piloted Doldo before its destruction.Three are the first to appear. By Episode 10, there seems to be more than a dozen of them. In Episode 21, he made his main three huge with the Mallet of Luck and he said he didn't have to make a Daijaryuu or a Jakkuryuu. They were made even bigger but were defeated by a giant UltimateDaiBouken and SirenBuilder within one' stomach. In episode 25, they become smarter when they eat The Fruit of Wisdom. They revolted from their master. In the last task, they still seemed to be around even though Ryuuwon wasn't. The Boukenger fought some.

Daijaryuu Dorudo
English Translation: Great Evil Dragon Doldo
Height: 48.5m
Weight: 263.4t
Class: Daijaryuu (Great Evil Dragons)
A cybernetic gentically altered dinosaur that swallowed Gajya, the leader of the Gordom after the Gordom God was destroyed. It was created by Ryuuwon, piloted by serveral Jaryuu. When Doldo was defeated by DaiBouken, Ryuuwon activated a bomb on Doldo to blow up DaiBouken, but the Rangers kicked Doldo away before he blew up.

The Ryuujinhei Jaryuu inside the cockpit of the Daijaryuu Dorudo.

Jaakuryuu Doraiken
English Translation: Wicked Dragon Driken
Height: 223cm
Weight: 157.1kg
Class: Jaakuryuu (Wicked Dragons)
The Boukenger found an area of a bunch of dead Ryuujinhei. Happen to be they were frighting themselves to the death. Ryuuwon put a sword in one of the Ryuujinhei Jaryuu to create Driken. They broke in the SGS truck carrying the Scales of the Salamander. Driken tried to heat it up. The building was cemented by the Gougou Mixer and it blew up. Driken was terminated when Satoru used the scale to power the Accel Tector and use Dual Crusher for the first time.

Daijaryuu Zarudo
English Translation: Great Evil Dragon Zald
Height: 45.0m
Weight: 5500 tons
Class: Daijaryuu (Great Evil Dragons)
Ryuuwon piloted this one twice, the first time where he and Gajya defeated Daibouken, and then the second one where it was terminated by Super Daibouken, apparently taking Ryuuwon with it. Zard's name is a pun on Lizard.

Daijaryuu Girado
English Translation: Great Evil Dragon Girad
Height: 48.0 m
Weight: 4500 tons
Class: Daijaryuu (Great Evil Dragons)
Ryuuwon gave this one to Gajya, who piloted it twice. The first time, he and Ryuuwon managed to defeat Daibouken. The second time, however, Super Daibouken "Wall Shot" Girad's feet to the ground with Hyper Concrete (in order to squander Gajya's ambush attempt, the steering wheel was immobilized as a consquence) and terminated Girad himself, apparently claiming Gajya's life.

Jaakuryuu Rindomu
English Translation: Wicked Dragon Lindorm
Height: 218cm to 43.0m
Weight: 131.3kg to 560kg
Class: Jaakuryuu (Wicked Dragons)
Ryuuwon sent dispatched this one to find the Angel's Raiment of the Moon and the Medicine of Immortality the Treasures of Princess Kaguya. Grew giant when he fell into the Ashes of Life. Was defeated by the Dual Crusher (used by BoukenBlue) and terminated by Super Daibouken.

Jaakuryuu Naga
English Translation: Wicked Dragon Narga
Height: 225cm to 45.0m
Weight:122.0kg to 500t
Class: Jaakuryuu (Wicked Dragons)
This one was dispatched by Ryuuwon to attack the Boukengers, and his onslaught has become personal as Satoru took Ragi under his protection.

Jaakuryuu Ragi
English Translation: Wicked Dragon Ragi
Height: 205cm
Weight: 104.9kg
Class: Jaakuryuu (Wicked Dragons)
Maki's human apprentice transformed into a Wicked Dragon by Ryuuwon, who dispatched him to find the Aqua Crystal. He could not regain his composure until Satoru took him under his protection. Eventually, Ragi was able to free the Aqua Cystal from a volcano and his transformation paid off. After Narga was terminated by Ultimate Daibouken, Ragi put the Aqua Crystal in its rightful place and returned to the City of Water, but, like his people, needs a special crystal on his tiara in order to even step into the sea waters and Satoru gave him a new crystal after Ryuuwon crushed the original. After Narga was terminated by Ultimate Daibouken, Ragi returned to the City of Water with Magi.

Daijaryuu Zorado (Great Evil Zoard)
Class: Daijaryuu (Great Evil Dragons)
Appears in Episode 16, there is three of them and the Ryuujinhei pilot them. Each of them chase the GouGou Jet and are destroyed by it. Zorad is a pun for the Japanese word for sky: 'sora'.

Jaakuryuu Taron
English Translation: Wicked Dragon Talong
Height: 225cm to 54.3m
Weight: 100.5kg to 37.0t
Class: Jaakuryuu (Wicked Evil Dragons)
A superstitious being, he is a proud believer of Fung Shei and arranges such things to increase his luck. Using the Feng Shui Compass "Dragon Eye", he is impossible to defeat due to favorable chances or coincidences. He used where the Boukenger where positioned to determine their luck, leaving Satoru in a bad end. The board focused on his bad luck. Talong then uses Chimeku (stronger energy flow) to create Ryuketsu, a place where great amounts of Chimeku gathers to revive the Legendary Ground Dragon. Ryuuwon kicks him the opening to the Ground Dragon and he becomes giant, using the Ground Dragon's power. The DaiBouken used the compass' power against him and he was unable to hit them.

Jakiryu Gurando
English Translation: Evil Mechanic Dragon Grand
Height: 76.7 m
Weight: 8500 tons
Class: Jakiryu (Evil Mechanic Dragons)
Created combining Ryuuwon's best genetic modification technology and the Quester's Gordom Engine technology, this is a powerful mechanic hybrid vessel. Armed with laser cannons,it can build temporary forcefields and capable of unleashing unlimited number of Zorads (from episode 16). It's "Grand Blaster" can neutralize Ultimate DaiBouken's Ultimate Blaster. The Sun of Lemuria is the only energy source powerful enough to make it fully operational. In a first attack, Grand's tremendous power made Ultimate Daibouken disassemble. However, after GogoVoyager appears and destroys the entire fleet of Zorads, the energy given by "The Sun of Lemuria" was depleated from itand had to retreat. After recharging, Grand attacks again but is greatly overpowered by the just formed DaiVoyager and destroyed with the Adventure Double Screw.

Jaakuryuu Dembee
English Translation: Wicked Dragon Dembey
Height: 201cm to 46m
Weight: 108.9kg to 450t
Class: Jaakuryuu (Wicked Evil Dragons)
Made to look like the MOE-TV mascot "Dembey" that wears shoes to obtain "he Ring of Prosperity, when Sakura of Wind buts in, it reveals its true, violent identity and along with some Jaryuus, enlarges itself and attacks with its firebreath and sword but it's destroyed by Voyager DaiBouken's Riding Adventure Drive. The evil one has white eyes while the real mascot has green pupils and shoes.

Jaakuryuu Targagin
English Translation: Wicked Dragon Targagin
Height: 220cm to 58.0m
Weight: 136.5kg to 560 tons
Class: Jaakuryuu (Wicked Evil Dragons)
Ryuuwon created it by making his whole 3000-sum Jaryuu horde kill each other, the survivor was merged with his technology. It has a special ability that allows it to absorb an ranger attack and counter it with double power. He has a constant habit of saying the word 'baby' after a sentence. It was created to obtain "The Three Headed Dragon of the Darkness" Precious.