Satoru Akashi, Bouken Red
Full Name: Satoru Akashi
Ranger Designation: Bouken Red
Weapons: Survibuster, Surviblade, Scope Shot, Bouken Bo, Bouken Javelin
Gear: Accellular
Gougou Vehicle: Gougou Dump, Gougou Drill, Gougou Jet, Gougou Commander

He is an expert at Burning Adventure. Once an enthusiastic treasure-hunter but when his comrades were trapped in a cave behind a line of fire and he couldn't save them, only to be hired by Sagress (SGS). With a calm exterior, Satoru actually hides hot-blood inside. He says "Attack!" and snaps his finger at the end of an order to the others. Satoru refers to his teammates by their color. Akashi used to be a huge fan of Kagawa's writings about heroes. In Episode 10, he did something his teammates were not fond of --burning the doll Natsuki was given to by Kazuko 'Nami-emon' Karamonoya and dear to. The team soon found out it wasn't true when they found a Bouken Chip and track down the doll's real secret location. The team went to resue Satoru who was dragged by DaiBouken to an island. In Episode 15-16, he helped the conflicted Ragi, City of Water inhabitant turned Jaakuryuu to get the Aqua crystal. In Episode 18, when he thought one of the companions Shirou returned, he was seriously distrubed by it and he quit, much like Natsuki and Masumi before him. Sakura was not for it. Fortuantely, it wasn't really Shirou but just Gai and Rei of the Ashu Clan. Akashi isn't superstitious, in episode 27 he was cursed by a Jakuryuu and given bad luck bringing his ego down but ultimately his teammates gave him the courage. In Episode 29, a renowned Lemurian expert Professor Igarashi hcallanged that Askashi had real heart and was a good adventurer but Akashi ultimately showed him when the Golden Sword chose him.

In Episode 32, his ego was brought down again when he, Natsuki, and Shouta were undercover in an adventurer school and was rated a poor adventurer. Akashi later found out the test he took and supposedly failed was rigged. In episode 46, Masumi remembered how he wanted to be a better adventurer than Akashi and challanged him in defeating a Jakuryuu. Akashi accepted his duel, not taking Masumi lightly but also in teaching him a leason. Ultimately he had confidence in Masumi to defeat Yaiba. In Episode 47, it disturbed him that Ryuwon was so seemingly defeated when he drove a sword into his own stomach. He went to the Precious Bank and sure enough, Ryuwon re-emerged because he was after all, immortal with his helmet. Ryuwon fought Akashi and almost defeated him but he rose with the power of the darkness from within. Akashi admited he had darkness within him but part of his fight was to defeat his darkness as well by overcoming it with his light side. He defeated Ryuwon, reverting him back to a human. Akashi followed Ryuwon into the Precious Bank that was about to blow up to convince him about humanity. Unfortuantely, the building self-destructed, causing everyone he was dead. Akashi survived and surprised the others by piloting the DaiVoyager, which had to take some time to get operating. Akashi retired as a Boukenger and decided to search for Preicous in outer space. When he deployed to space with the DaiVoyager, he had found Sakura followed him.