J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai
J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai
JAPAN 1977
Number of Episodes: 35
Air Dates: April 9, 1977 to December 24, 1977

A global criminal empire known simply as Crime seeks to become the most powerful mafia organization in the world. Interpol organizes a special taskforce to spearhead the efforts to bring Crime to justice. Based in New York, ISSIS (International Science Special Investigation Squad) begins to organize its forces around the world to battle Crime. ISSIS Commander Kujirai assembled the young test subjects to undergo operations to enhance them bionically that would transform them into superhuman cyborgs. Together, the Jack, Ace, King, and Queen formed JAKQ, pronounced 'Jacka'. They are later aided by a super bionic cyborg officer and master of disguise Banba Soukichi who fights as the Big One to strengthen their number and step up their attack on Crime.

This was initially a much darker series than the humorous Gorangers, with story lines addressing issues such as drug use, though in a juvenile manner. However, the dark approach failed to appeal to children, and starting with episode 23, a much lighter approach was attempted with the introduction of the comedic characters such as Big One and Hime Tamasaburou. This new effort failed and the show ended in 35 episodes.

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