Precious (Episode 25-34)

The Fruit of Wisdom
Episode 25

It can accelerate evolution process making one's brian larger and more intelligent. Only one batch in the plant has it's special ability. The fruit's ability ends after it is completely digested. BoukenBlue was able to crystalize the tree with the Dual Crasher but a batch had already fell into Akutagami and when he found it, he ate it. He gave one fruit to each of the three Ryuujinhei.

The Glass Slipper
Episode 26
The basis for the story of Cinderella, a pair of glass shoes are actjually a prince under a curse. The victim woman who wears them is sent to the prince's dimension of illusion and if the shoes aren't taken off before midnight, they would stay there forever and their life force sucked up by the prince. Oji, the prince takes on the Boukenger in his true form. He was assisted by a cursed woman as well who looked like a witch and Sakura befriended and considered a friend.

Feng Shui Compass "Dragon Eye"
Episode 27
This compass that resembles a Chinese Checker board that intensifies the power and the person's Fung Shui and fortune. The Jaakuryuu Talong used it against the Rangers and when Sakura got it in her hands she used it against him. It is now in SGS hands.

Legendary Armor
Episode 28
The Questers get a hand of this armor with their Quester Robot Elite and used it for it. The Boukenger were able to retrieve it.

The Egg of Lemuria
Episode 29
' One of the last Lemurian Civilzation Precious, Ryuwon was after it for 200 years and so was Professor Igarashi who doesn't consider himself an Adventurer'. One of the Ryuujinhei released the Mirage Beast from it and left the egg alone. Gayja knew it was used for something else, it contains DNA to make more beasts. Only the Golden Sword can controland destroy the beast. Ryuwon was after the sword to control the beast. For more about the Golden Sword, consult the Weapons page.

Mirage Beast
Height: 48.0m
Weight: 188t
Out of the Egg of Lemuria came the secret weapon of the Lemurian Civilization, only as a giant fought the Boukenger in their Gougou Vehicles. This version was destroyed by BoukenRed using the Golden Sword.

The Fire of the Ruined Country
Episode 31
The Fire of the Ruined Country is a strong fire can never be extinguished which is said to have the power to burn an entire country, being named after this legend. It was created from the fat of cursed people and evil wizards. Though it's contained in a strange stone vessel, the precious itself is just the burning fire.

The Ship of the Sky
Episode 32
It is a sailing ship precious said to reach sailing speeds superior to those when flying. However, the ship sank and it is unable to be retrieved by conviental means because a curse was placed upon it. The only way is to offer the soul of an Excellent Adventurer as sacrifice to release the ship. As SGS can't do such a thing, they are studying other possible resolutions.

The Sun of Lemuria
Episode 33-34
is the most powerful precious of the Lemurian Civilization. Being a virtually endless energy source, it's applications are various. When used for peace, it can preserve an person's life for thousands of years inducing them to a Deep Sleep in which their growth would slow to a reason of 1 year's life for 5000 years time. Ryuuwon and the Questers wanted Natsuki to power it up for the Jakiryu Grand. After Natsuki snapped out of the trance, she happily gave it to SGS and Masumi asked her if she was okay with it and she replied that her past is behind her and that is was fine.