Each ranger has a henshin device that goes on their wrist and arm (tucked in a holder). It works as compass, phone and blacklight as well. Each number calls forth a GouGou Vehicle.

GO!: Launches chosen Gougou Vehicle.
Combine: Combines chosen Gougou Vehicles.
Sun: Transform into Boukenger
Call: Communication
Light: Blacklight
Enter: Gougou Turbine

When they need some light, their helmet lights light up when pressed. Their weapons, the GouGou Arms also come out from the lights in a similar fashion.

{Name unknown}
Natsuki and Inou use these devices to swim on to the KamiGordom in the first episode. They were both yellow.

Survibuster / Surviblade
Five rangers wield this weapon that serves as gun and sword.

Scope Shot
Each ranger has a Scope Shot, which can fire grappling hooks, magnets, bolts of energy or evokes a small parachute. Scope Shot was first seen in the first episode. Can combine with the Survibuster to become Survibuster Sniper Mode. First used in episode 7.

Bouken Bo / Bouken Javelin
BoukenRed's clutcher weapon that becomes a javelin grip. He can do the Javelin Crash attack that sends fire.

Radial Hammer
BoukenBlack's long-extended hammer which can conduct the Hammer Break attack that sends a power blow.

Blow Knuckle
BoukenBlue's hand held weapon that has rotating blades. Wind can be generated from below it, allowing him to float. His Knuckle Cannon attack sends a whirlwind.

Bucket Scoopers BoukenYellow has two weapons that fit on each of her hands. She can do the Scooper Phantom attack that sends sparking attack.

Hydro Shooter
BoukenPink's weapon that squirts a fine line of water. Her Shooter Hurricane attack sends a barrage of high pressured bubbles.

The GouGou Arms come from the lights in their helmets.

Dual Crasher
Appears in Episode 7. Has two modes: Mixer Head (left) and Drill Head (right). The other Boukenger gather around BoukenRed when he uses it. He wears the AceelTector. Attacks: Mixer Head: Hyper Concrete freezes target by chiseling at it. Drill Head: Boukenger Crash pierces through target. Natsuki was the first to try it out in the test grounds.

BoukenRed wears the AccelTector (Accel for Accelerate and Tector for Protector), a chest armor, when using the DualCrasher. First powered up by the Scales of Salamander.

GouGou Changer
BoukenSilver's henhsin device much like the other's Accelluar, he can summon for GouGouVehicles one to ten but he is only one that can call for 11-13. The device has a LCD that he flip to what number he wants.
Henshin Phrase: GouGou Changer, Start up!

BoukenSilver's three-moded weapon. Sagaspear for melee combat, and the metal detector-like Sagasu Mode and third as a laser. "Sagasu" means "to search for").
SagaSniper Attack: Sagastrike
Sagaspear Attack: Sagaslash
Special Attack: "Sniper Gatling", where he maximizes the power of the GouGouFire's Neo Parallel Engine and delivers a rapid-fire sparkling laser assualt on the enemy.

The Golden Sword
The Golden Sword is supposed to control the mirage beast since it attacks both allies and foes. As written in Lemurian ruins, the sword can only be taken out of its stone with a rightous heart making Satoru a natural candidate next to Ryuuwon or Professor Igarashi. Satoru took it from its place and destroy the Mirage Beast. When the crest on the sword is turned, it transformed into DaiKenjin Zuuban. The attack BoukenRed performs with the sword is 'Golden Slash' and Ultimate DaiBouken uses the "Great Holy Golden Slash."