Precious (Episode 1-11, 49)

Heart of Gordom
In Episode 1, Gajya used the heart to revive the Gordom God by dipping it in water making it become red. He tricked the Boukengers with a duplicate that multiplied upon physical contact. The Boukengers took it into SGS custody after defeating the Gordom God. In Episodes, even though the Precious Bank was destroyed, Gajya reclaimed the heart through the rubble. He explained that Gordom treasures can't ever be destroyed and and evolves to Gajadom with its power.

Brain of Gordom
Episode 2: Gajya and Ryuuwon fought for possession of this relic and joined forces when the Boukengers came in. Upon obtaining the Brain, Gajya betrayed Ryuuwon by sealing him in stone, but he broke out and defeated him. BoukenRed then knocked Ryuuwon off a cliff. It entered SGS storage after Ryuuwon was defeated. When the SGS Precious Bank was destroyed, Gajya couldn't find the Precious, it was hidden. A mysterious girl--the true identity of Mr. Voice-- had possession of it.

Three-Country Sword of Leadership
Episode 3: Three swords sought after by the Dark Shadow organization. Two of these swords were made to make Tsukumogami's weapon. One sword was bought by an auctioneer, was taken in by BoukenBlue. The other two were taken when Tsukomogami was defeated.

Madness Weather
Episode 4: The Jaryuu warriors found it under a lake and the weather went crazy in the world when the machine was activated with the treasure powering it. It was too strong for the machine and it evolved into a monster. It was destroyed by DaiBouken Drill's Maximum Penetration Attack, despite the GouGou Drill's power overload problems.

Pearl of the Empire
Episode 5: The pearl was in a young boy's possession but then was taken in by Takumigami and powered up. After he was defeated, the pearl was taken in by S.G.S.

Episode 6: The Kubi (Neck) was hidden underneath a rock in the Kubitani valley, said to be cursed. If stolen, the guardian Mogari would be activated to retrieve it. What was most Precious was the item was the liquid contained within it.

Mogari is the guardian of the Kubi. Liquid from the Kubi would drop on his victim's necks and they would be in another dimension. Mogari would ask for the Kubi back. He kidnapped Natuski and Sakura. Akashi made a wound in its armor and Masumi and Shouta took advantage of this to destroy Mogari. When the human sized version was destroy, its true large form arose. Daibouken's Gougou Sword couldn't scratch its armor. Finished Mogari off with the Rising Penetration attack.

The Scales of a Salamander
Episode 7
Ryuuwon and Driken broke in to the SGS truck for it. They tried to heat it up in a building. Driken was terminated when Satoru used the scale to power the Accel Tector and use Dual Crusher for the first time.

Episode 8
Morio opened what the Vril was and there was a smaller one and then another. Vril is believed to be from the Atlantis. The actual Vril was as small as a pebble. Has the ability to duplicate itself into items and people including Souta in his human and Ranger state. The Vril itself took the form of an very imperfect Daibouken.

Manuscript of Leon Giordana
Episode 11
Written by the famous Renaissance scientist, Leon Giordana, the manuscript contains sketches of a basic structure for what appears to be the Gougou Parallel Engine. It was hidden in an isolated island, the map to it was wrapped inside Nami-emon's two dolls.