Gordom Civilization
An anicent civilization that once ruled the sea with a Precious known as the "Heart of Gordom". Those who feared them buried them in he bottom of the sea for 40,000 years. Masumi and Natsuki accidently broke the seal and the Gordom were released.

Daijinkan Gajya
Translation: Great God Official Gajya
First Appearance: Episode 1
Last Appearance: Episode 49
Height: 203 cm
Weight: 83.0kg
Before his seal was shattered, he was a lifeless body. He is the leader of the Gordom. He was swallowed by Daijaryuu Dorudo at the end of episode one. He was held captive by the Jaryuu. When the Boukengers interfered Gajya and Ryuuwon joined forces. Gajya
betrayed Ryuuwon when the "Brain of Gordom" was found, but he fled when Ryuuwon defeated him. He has not given up on fighting the Boukenger since then. He can put people under his thrall and a tatoo appears on their hand. Gajya memorized from the Manuscript of Leon Giordana to use the secrets of the Parallel Engines to create he Gordom Engines, which was used turn Rei and Gai into Questers. In Episode 47, he vows to destroy all Precious and is practically unstoppable, being powerful enough to beat Ryuuwon and the Boukenger due to embeding a Gordom Engine in himself. Gajya wanted to absorb all the Precious for more power but with the Precious Bank destroyed, he decided to absorb the Precius power of the Neo-parallel Engines from the GoGo Vehicles. He sucked the power out of the SirenBuilder.

Height: 230cm to 80m
Weight: 195.7kg to 800 tons
In the episode 48, he obtains the Heart of Gordom and absorbs it, giving him Gordom god power. He returns to the Gordom Temple he awakened from and enters into a cocoon state, emerging as Gajadom. He overpowered the Boukengers but they managed to take him down until he enlarged and was finally defeated by the GoGo Vehicles. Though he survived, Gajya re-entered supended animation once more to await the day Gordom will rule the world.

First Appearance: Episode 1
The grunts of the Gordom Civilization have a quick healing ability but vulnerable to the Boukengers' weaponry. Gajya can call them in various ways, from the ground or rock walls using his hands. They also are used by the Dark Shadow and Jaryuu clans.

(Gordom God)
Hieght: 49.2 m
Wieght: 3240 tons
This was the shrine the Boukenger entered under water. It was surrounded by lava and traps. Once the Heart of Gordom was put in place their shrine became its true form, a collosal humanoid machine. The Heart of Gordom was later confiscated and placed into a containment box and is now in the SGS' hands.

{ Not Given a Name}
Gajya tries out the Gordom Engine out on Kraths and upgrades them temporarily but since they can't handle the power they become dust.

Kyoshin Gagadomu
(Giant God Gagadom)
He is a Giant God like the KamiGordom, equipped with a giant Gordom Engine. The Questers stoled it and called it the Quester Robo. They used it to obtain the Precious Lightning Cannon. Since the Parrell Engines in the AcellSuits are paralyzed by the Gordom Engines, the Boukenger were helpless against Gagadom. Bouken Silver debuted the SirenBuilder to destroy it.

Modified Mirage Beast Gordorum
Height: 215cm to 48.0m
Weight: 129.5kg to 149t
Gaja forcefully added a Gordom engine to the Egg of Lemuria, giving birth to Gordorum. Thanks to this, the beast, though keeping it's original power and combat abilities, is now human-sized and can be controlled at will. It made a first attack on the Boukengers, as Gaja wanted to obtain and destroy Zuban, being the only weakness of Gordorum. The Boukengers recover the stolen Zuban and with a combination attack, destroyed the Gordom Engine in Gordorum's chest and reverted it to its original gigantic form. Neither the Double Arm Crash of Super Daibouken nor the Triple Liquid Bomber of Siren Builder could even damage it, until Zuban grows giant and along with Ultimate Daibouken defeats it.

Height: 226cm to 78.5m
Weight: 136kg to 850t
A monster created (by spitting out) when Gaja absorbed the contents of Pandora's Box (a purple energy), according to Gayja he was named after what was the last thing that emerged from the Box: despair. It confronts the Boukengers (without Satoru) in order to recover the Brain of Gordom but after the Boukengers recover their confidence, he is destroyed with about four blows from the Dual Crusher only to be revived and enlarged by Gayja. It ultimately met its demise by DaiVoyager and Zubaan.