Eiji Takaoka, Bouken Silver
Full Name: Eiji Takaoka
Ranger Designation: Bouken Silver
Weapons: SagaSniper, ScopeShot
Gear: GouGouChanger
Gougou Vehicle: Gougou Fire, Gougou Aide, Gougou Police

He has been fighting the Áshu Tribe for years. He is a descendant of the Takaoka Clan, those presumably responsible for locking away the Áshu Tribe by using the Mirror of Demons. He first appears in Episode 17 as a monk-like warrior in search of the Áshu Tribe. He can be seen eating a ripe vegetable or fruit every so often. All that Eiji is concerned about is catching the Áshu Tribe. The world's Precious are little value to him to him. And it is this aloof attitude that tends to rub others the wrong way, especially Masumi. Eiji's father Kando was killed by Gai in front of Eiji before being told the the fact his own mother Kei was an Áshu. In result, Eiji is a hybrid known as a han'you. Eiji donned his father's monk uniform and first wielded Kando's shakujo, which is a Japanese Buddhist ringed ‘warning´┐Ż staff. It allowed him to perform the "Takaoka-Style Áshu Soul Destruction", which was effective on a normal Áshu. But Gai and Rei were now Questers and Gai and they destroyed the shakujo.

As a result, Eiji's Áshu lineage surfaced and nearly overtook him until SGS created the SagaSniper for him along with a GouGou Changer allowing him to transform into BoukenSilver. Because his Accel Suit is connected to the new Neo-Parallel Engines, he is not affected by the Gordom Engine. Satoru told Eiji that the SagaSniper had the same power as his shakujo, but this was eventually revealed as a lie, since Satoru knew that Eiji's heart fought against his Áshu side and could control his Áshu side under his own influence. When offered to ally with the Boukengers, he initially agreed, but when he remembered his father Kando he hesitated and ran away. After talking with Natsuki and seeing his mother's tear crystalized form (that she got from his house when Kei spoke to Natsuki, Satoru and Shouta through a mirror), he realized his place and joined the Boukengers officially, receiving his silver jacket. He didn't meet Mr. Voice until Episode 21 and they didn't hit it off but because Satoru approve of him, Mr. Voice was fine with him being part of the team.

From Episodes 40 through 42, the Western Ashu Ouga aims to killed Eiji because his mother, Kei's soul cannot complete it's travel to the other world with Eiji still alive. Eiji performs the Áshu Soul Vanishing, but Ouga takes Eiji's soul with him, leaving nothing but a petrified body. Eiji is transported to Purgatory where he meets his mother or who he believes to be her. She takes him to their home and gives him supper but it ends up being Ouga himself. Kei's spirit gives him his old staff to vanish Ouga and she transports him back to the living. When their Boukenger powers were purged, Eiji returned home exhausted and was visited by the spirit of his mother, who told him he accomplished the Takaoka family mission. She made him realize he sought adventure and he continued with the Boukenger. In 'Boukenger vs. Super Sentai,' his five teammates were kidnapped by Chronos into another dimension and he was recruited by AkaRed to recruit four veteran Sentai Warriors. Eiji, who wasn't much of a team player to begin with, had to pull together the four who weren't used to working with each other to save his friends. Ultimately, Eiji had an understanding for AkaRed.