Precious (Episodes 12-24)

Pipes of Hamelin
Episode 12
There were two pipes one with silver decorations and the other had a gold color. The silver pipe, used by Kanadegami, could lure children and contain them in spheres from which their energy could be harvested. The gold pipe which the Boukenger took from Shizuka of the Wind, reversed the effects of the first.

Angel's Raiment of the Moon/Potion of Immortality
Episode 13
The Legendary Treasures of Princess Kaguya. The keys to unlocking the treasures are are the Dragon Neck Ball, the Buddhist Stone Bowl, Hourai Ball Branches, a Firerat Fur Coat, and a Swallow's Cowrie Shell. It was sought by the Jaryuu Clan. The Raiment is the statue which held the box for the Medicine. It disappears every night to return to the moon.

The Steel of the Heavenly Mine
Episode 14
It was sought by Dark Shadow. The legendary lore which hides mighty energy. It's said this ore is the material of the Japanese sacred treasure, "Kusanagi sword". When it should be abused, it will be possible to produce indestructible weapon.

Aqua Crystal
Episode 16
This Precious is an artifact of the City on Water and was sought by the Jaryuu Clan. The Boukengers took it into SGS custody. It transformed Nagi.

Hundred-Demons Mirror
Episode 17
A mysterious demonic mirror used by the Áshu tribe. Dark Shadow originally had it, but the Áshu demons took it back. Destroyed by Eiji after the Ashu demons used Natsuki's blood to release one Áshu demon sealed inside it.

Crossbow of Fighters
Episode 18
Gai and Rei found it first. Gai, disguised as Satoru's old friend Masaki, used it on Satoru himself. But, when Eiji took it from Gai, Satoru fired it at Rei after the Dual Crusher's Hyper Concrete couldn't contain him long enough for the Combination Crash to be fully executed.

Lighting Cannon
Episode 20
Unearthed by Rei with Giant God Gagadom. Gai and Rei had Gagadom used this powerful weapon against the Boukengers and the city. When Gagadom was destroyed by BoukenSilver's SirenBuilder, BoukenSilver took the cannon into SGS custody.

Mallet of Luck
Episode 21
Legend has it if you swing the mallet you get any wish you make. A mallet that has the ability to make things larger or smaller. Gayja gave Ryuuwon a map to find it and Eiji found it when the Boukenger went after Ryuuwon. Ryuuwon used it to revive three defeated Jaryuu soliders. Ultimate DaiBouken was formed, but Ryuuwon made them grow again. Eiji got the mallet from Ryuuwon and made Ultimate DaiBouken large enough to even the odds. Afterwards, the Mallet was taken into the hands of SGS.

Ring of Solomon
Episode 22
Allows whoever wears it to understand animals. Dark Shadow stole it from a musuem and planned to use its power to control humans that were turned into animals to track down other precious. Sakura got a hold of it and the Dakr Shadow wanted a trade for a potion to cure the three turned Boukenger.

The First-Cheer Drum
Episode 24

The Boukenger fought for it from Gayja who rejected it. It can raise those who have been destroyed or deceased. It brought back Kraths, Ryuujinhei, Dark Shadow's Jougami, Takumigami, Kanadegami, Nendogami, and Zukangami. The drum protects the son It protects the spirit of the son Gengurou of two foxes. The skin of the pair of foxes made the top and bottom of the drum. The child asked for Natsuki's help to dig out his gravestone from dirt piled on due to construction.