Past Sentai Heroes

'Veteran Sentai Warriors'
When the Boukenger were kidnapped by Chronos, AkaRed gave Eiji a 'Super Sentai Address Book' to gather four warriors from the past. Along with Eiji, the five had trouble working together and with a message from Akashi, they were encouraged to work together. Hikaru helped the Boukenger while they were trapped and then fought along with the five. With Hikaru in tow, they embodied the "Six Sentai Spirits." These five warriors represented Friendship, Justice, Passion, Courage, and Love.

Tsubasa Ozu / Magi Yellow
The middle son of the Oz Family and MagiYellow of the Magiranger. He was the first Eiji went to recruit. Eiji went to Tsubasa's 'Undisputed Japan Super Banta Weight Champonship' boxing match and was rebuffed by the Yellow Mage. Tsubasa later came to join the other veterans and embodied Courage. He also transformed into his Legend MagiYellow form.

Tetsu / Deka Break
Tetsu is part of the Dekaranger, which he was assigned to. He met Eiji when he was undercover and negotiating with the Polar Dragons Crime Syndicate. To prove himself to the criminals, he threw Eiji out of the window. He later came to help Eiji, he embodied Justice.

Asuka / Abare Black
Asuka is from another dimension called Dino Earth and he gave the Abarangers the power to fight the Evorian. He was informed by AkaRed about the situation, he contacted Eiji to tell him he was busy taking care of his infant and doing chores in Dino Earth. He later came to assist Eiji and embodied Passion. He used his Abare Mode as well.

Nanami Nono / Hurricane Blue
The only female of the Hurricanger and of this special team, Nanami is currently an idol singer. Eiji came to her where she was being oggled by fans but her agents pulled her away. She later came to join her fellow veterans, embodied Friendship and helped the female Boukengers fight Tsuetsue. After everything was resolved, she was late for recording for television.

Hkaru / Magi Shine
Tsubasa's brother in law, he is the Sky Saint Sungel and MagiShine of the Magiranger. He, along with his genie cat friend Smoky, helped the Boukengers out of Chronos' realm and embodied Love. Zuuban and Smoky fought together in a special attack using the Lamp Buster.

Aka Red
'Aka' means Red, so essentially his name is Red Red. He is the embodiment of all prior Red Warriors. He spied on Chronos and Gajya as they plotted to defeat the Boukengers. He then made his first contact by giving Bouken Silver the Super Sentai Address Book after the rest of the team was abducted by Chronos into another dimension. The book contains information on the whereabouts of every Super Sentai member there is. He then leads BoukenSilver and the
four gathered Super Sentai warriors to rescue Boukengers and MagiShine. AkaRed fought the villains with his ability 'Soul Advent' to fight as any of the past Red Warriors without an external transformation device. He transformed into MagiRed and GaoRed. He recreated their attacks and the Hurricanger's group attack 'Kage no Mai'. He recreated the AbaRed's TyrannoRod to use against Chronos. He also recreated the Deka Red's D-Magnum and Hurricane Red's Hayate Maru for BoukenRed's disposal. With the Super Sentai Ball, the Super Sentai warriors executed a similar finisher to those that past Super Sentai teams did with a ball, ending with BoukenSilver hitting a flying kick to propel a burning Super Sentai Ball to the target. After Ultimate DaiBouken and SirenBuilder were defeated by a giant Chronos, AkaRed acted as a vessel to power up DaiVoyager into a Burning Legend form with the powers of the five recruited Sentai members and Eiji called the 'Super Sentai Soul'. This allowed Burning Legend DaiVoyager to defeat Chronos. AkaRed overlooked the Earth from outer space. He leaves the world to the current group of Super Sentai, the Boukengers, to them and goes into a deep sleep until he is needed again.