Ninja Sentai Kakuranger
Ninja Sentai Kakuranger
JAPAN 1994 - 1995
Number of Episodes: 53
Air Dates: February 18, 1994 to February 24, 1995

Four-hundred years ago, the ninja and the Youkai had a great war. The legendary Sarutobi Sasuke and other four ninja sealed the Youkai Commander Nurarihyon and all his youkai's energies away in a cave protected by the Seal Door. Descendants of legendary ninjas, Saizou and Sasuke, are fooled into opening the Seal Door by the only surviving Youkai, Kappa. The two are then joined by two other descendants Tsuruhime and Seikai to fight the Youkai as the Kakuranger. The last of the descendants, Jiraiya acted as part of the Youkai so he could infiltrate the enemy's base to retrieve the Shinobi Scrolls that were stolen by the youkai Azukiarai. With the scrolls and many others, they are aided by the Three God Generals to defeat the prince of the Youkai, Gasha Skull, a living skeleton. They are later joined by Ninjaman, a pupil of the God Generals, who was imprisoned in a pot as punishment for attacking humans under evil influence. Gasha Skull then revived his father Daimaou and he then was sacrificed as part of his son's plan. Tsuruhime also searches for her lost father. The Kakuranger must seal the Youkai behind the Seal Door once again.

Movies / Specials:
Kakuranger Movie (1994)
Sentai World (1994)
Kakuranger VS Ohranger (1996)