Engine Sentai Go-onger
Engine Sentai Go-Onger
JAPAN 2008 - 2009
Number of Episodes: 50
Air Dates: February 17, 2008 to February 08, 2009

The Machine World is an another dimension where huge living machines called Engines live. The Gaiarc have enter into our world from the Machine World in order to pollute it. The Engines have come to stop the invasion. Three young individuals who have a sense of justice were the only ones the Engines found compatible to fight alongside. They were given the power to transform into the Go-onger. They fight to return the Earth to peace. Two young men find out their identities and want to become Go-onger as well, they do thanks to two other Engines. After the five started getting along and uniting with CarryGator to create a six Engine union, Vice-Minister of Land Pollution Hiramechimedes came to wreak havoc.

Hiramechimedes was too much for the eleven, the Wing Race Engines came in to save the day. Their partners Go-On Wings did not take too kindly to the Go-Onger, considering them pathetic and not worthy of defeating the Gaiarc. The Go-On Wings were taken to the Machine World and trained there by Jumbow-hale long before the Go-Onger came to be. When nine Engines merged, it gave the Go-Ongers hope that the Go-On Wings would come around. Hiramechimedes always fought with his intellegence but he kept loosing against Go-On Gold, who kept anticipating his moves. Unfortunately, Hiramechimedes pumped Bikkurium to become Detaramedes and was too random to come figure out, so Go-On Red who was also reckless was able to defeat him.

Yogostein mourned Hiramechimedes for some time and when he returned from mediatating, he was more rage-filled that before and relied on his own power. Yogostein aimed to unearth the Horonderthal from his rest, but unearthed the Anicent Engines first. It took a bit of convincing on Sosuke and Speedor's part, but the Anicent Engines joined forces with the Go-Onger. After the true Horonderthal was revived, the Ancient Engines were turned against them. They were able to return them and destroy Horondethal. Sosuke was completely rusted and near death, but the Go-Onger perceivered and inspired him to return. Sosuke then destroyed Yogostein. Sometime later, two brothers from the Samuari World arrived in the Human World with a special sword with the soul of Retsutaka. Two monsters from the Samuari World came for the sword and used a man who resembled Retsutaka to revive DaiShogun against the Go-Onger. After much cajoling and fighting between the Go-onger and samuari brothers with the young man, he helped in turn DaiShogun to the side of good and save the day, returning the brothers to Samuari World.

Much later, Kireizky the Cleaning Minister arrived to 'clean' the Human World and ruined Christmas for Santa Claus from the Christmas World and our heroes. Our heroes banded together and destroyed Kireizky in time for Christmas but then their final opponent, the evil father of Yogostein: Yogoshimacritein, who sent an endless army of Badoma to reduce the entire Human World to garbage. He had made Gunpei, Hanto, Miu, Hiroto and their partner Engines into energy and the three main Go-onger and their partners were alone in the battle. They rallied together with the memory and spirit of their friends to return them and save the day from Gaiark rule. The Engines had to return home because the Gaiark were gone but returned to the young heroes several months later to request their help in defeating the last of the Gaiark from destroying the Gunman World.

Movies / Specials:
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