Shouta Mogami, Bouken Blue
Full Name: Shouta Mogami
Ranger Designation: Bouken Blue
Weapons: Survibuster, Surviblade, Scope Shot, Blow Knuckle
Gear: Accellular
Gougou Vehicle: Gougou Gyro, Gougou Mixer, Gougou Fighter

Shouta's expertise is in Aerial Adventure and he is a former secret investigator. He could be considered a 'spy' which was brought up by an auctioneer he was protecting in episode 3. He serves as the information giver of the team, he is also a specialist in personal computers and digital. Souta is always with a smile and his nature is gentle and polite. He had a website with all information on his teammates in Episode 8 which Natsuki didn't like, after a tussle with a clone, he deleted it. He often known to be spontenous which Sakura learned to do as well in episode 22. In Episode 23, his former partner Toba Yuji kidnapped him along with the Questers to get the secret location of the Precious housing and Toba's reward would be the Pearl of the Empire Precious. Toba believed being aBoukenger was just a phase for Shouta but he ultimately prove to him that he takes a hundred precent to everything he does and he is heart is indeed in this. In Episode 35, Sakura brought up the fact that Shouta is never above paying extra attention to a pretty face girl but he brought it to her attention that he respects women. When the Boukenger lost their powers due to Mr. Voice sealing the GoGoVehicles, Shouta was discouraged and felt he could not continue fighting. With an encunter with Shizuka and Gekkou, he realized that he has most happy when he was with his friends and believed his treasure was being with them. At the end, he continued as a Boukenger with Eiji, Natsuki, Masumi, Zuuban, and the other SGS members.