Precious (Episodes 44-49 and more)

The Demon Bird Magic Orb
Episode 44
The Demon Bird Magic Orb is a Precious within the magic power of the Demon Bird is sealed. Back when Gekkou of the Illusion, the head of the Society of Shadow (as Dark Shadow was known then), merged his own body with the Demon Bird's and through hidden techniques, sealed only its power within the orb and hid the orb in a hill in Hermit's Gorge. As even Gekkou wasn't able to control the Demon Bird's magic, when the seal in the Precious is broken, the body and mind of Gekkou are controlled by the Demon Bird and the ninja himself becomes the monster. The seal is based on the lunar calendar and Yaiba, disobeying direct orders, weakened and broke it with the help of the Triple Moon: the night in which there seems to be three moons in the sky and that only happens once in 12 years.

Three Headed Dragon of Darkness
Episode 45-46
It is a Preicous that resembles a tuning fork with dragon heads, that can gather and manifest the darkness from the universe. It select one who possess enough darkness in their heart and has a compatible wavelength as its master and allows him to cotrol the energy it gathers. The Precious builds a barrier that surrounds Earth and when completed, the owner of the Precious will obtain the power to control everything within the barrier. It howled for its chosen one, Yaiba choses Masumi to activate the Precious with his 'darkness.' Yaiba tries to use the power but it rejects him. The Precious ultimately ends up in the SGS' custody.

Pandora's Box
Episode 47-48
The legendary box of Pandorian which all the despair and evil of the universe is contained. Gajah, who obtained the key, opened this in episode 47 and absorbed the contents to become a godly vessel of pure evil. The final contents of the box, despair, became a monster that Gajah named Desperado.

Pandora's Key
Episode 47
Ryuuwon sought this key for more power. He went to an open area temple and broke a base revealing the Precious. It ultimately went into Gajya's possession and he used it to open the Pandora's Box. The key had high Hazard levels as well.

Ryuuwon's Helmet
Episode 47
It turns out that Ryuuwon's very helmet is a Precious as well, Morio believes it might have been Lemurian. It imbues immortality to the wearer and Ryuuwon modified and improved it. However, it also makes the flesh of its wearer fuse with the helmet, turning them into a Reptilian humanoid much like himself. Ryuuwon had worn this Precious for two centuries long. It was destroyed when Ryuwon was defeated in episode 47, and Ryuuwon reverted back into a human.

The Ru Yi Bang of Sun Wukong
Episode 49
It is a Precious said to be the weapon of the legendary monkey Sun Wukong. Shizuka, Gekkou and and some Jaryuu sought it, only to be stopped by the BoukenBlue, BoukenYellow, BoukenSilver and their new leader BoukenBlack.

Giant Dragon-shaped Spaceship Stringross
'Boukenger the Movie: The Greatest Precious'
Stingross is an ancient insect that Satoru's father went after. However, it was actually an organic-spaceship that Hyde-Gene asborbed long ago and used to wipe out the dinosaurs with. Hyde-Gene resumed his true form once more in order to destroy the Boukengers. The ship was destroyed with Hyde-Gene.

'Boukenger vs. Super Sentai'
The lamp Smoky resides in was identified as a Precious when Hikaru met up with the Boukengers in the dimension Chronos sent them to. Sakura and Akashi wanted possession of the lamp but Hikaru stopped the Boukenger. Zuuban and Smoky were emitted from the MagiLamp Blaster by MagiShine.

Staff of Three Philosophers
'Boukenger vs. Super Sentai'
It is a Precious that was created by Time Demon Chronos from Meemy, Tsuetsue, and Furabiijo and uses their combined power to become a giant monster. The Staff was destroyed in the wake of Chronos' demise, with its components finally dead.