Full Name: Extreme Rumbling Fusion DaiVoyager
Made its grand introduction in episode 33. It is the strongest of all of the mecha. So powerful that is the SGS were afraid to even use it but a dire situation that brought it out of the water literally. In the last episode, Akashi launched it from the waters and traveled into outer space on a new adventure to find Precious along with a stowaway Sakura.

GouGou Vehicle #14
Go Go Commander

Height: 9.1 m
Length: 22.9 m
Width: 21.8 m
Weight: 420 tons
Speed: Mach 4
Output Power: 270 thousand horsepower
It is an airborne reconnaisance vehicle piloted by BoukenRed that becomes the head of DaiVoyager. It gathers and analyzes information from the battle for the rest of the team.

GouGou Vehicle #15
Go Go Carrier

Height: 22.2 m
Width: 28.0 m
Length: 57.8 m
Weight: 5700 tons
Speed: 300 km/h
Output Power: 2400 thousand horsepower

It is a heavily armored freighter vehicle piloted by BoukenBlack that becomes the body and legs of DaiVoyager. It can be used to carrydangerous Precious and materials for the team.

GouGou Vehicle #16
Go Go Fighter

Height: 8.2 m
Width: 23.3 m
Length: 25.6 m
Weight: 430 tons
Speed: Mach 3
Output Power: 280 thousand horsepower

BoukenBlue's fighter jet becomes the shoulders of DaiVoyager. It has two Voyager Cannons, the main weapons of Go Go Voyager and DaiVoyager.

GouGou Vehicle #17
Go Go Attacker

Height: 10.8 m
Width: 22 m
Length: 25 m
Weight: 450 tons
Output Power: 320 thousand horsepower

BoukenYellow's flying bomber vehicle becomes the chest of DaiVoyager and is equipped with two Voyager Cannons, machine guns, and rocket launchers. Its specialty is dive bombing.

GouGou Vehicle #18
Go Go Roader

Height: 13.1 m
Width: 20.8 m
Length: 28.6 m
Weight: 1500 tons
Speed: 400 km/h
Output Power: 730 thousand horsepower

BoukenPink's is a steamroller-like vehicle becomes the arms of DaiVoyager. Its giant roller flattens out unsafe terrains.

The Boukenger in their individual cockpits.

Height: 29.2m
Width: 28.0m
Length: 83.7m
Ton: 8500t
Speed: 800km/h
Output Power: 4000 thousand horsepower
Go Go Voyager is an amphibious battleship that has four sets of Voyager Cannons. To transform from Go Go Voyager to DaiVoyager, the Boukenger press the center of the wheel of their Bouken Drivers.

Height: 65.5 m
Width: 62.0 m
Length: 25.5 m
Weight: 8500 tons
Speed: 750 km/h
Output Power: 4000 thousand horsepower

Its finisher is the "Double Adventure Spin" where DaiVoyager's fists spin and detach from its arms to punch its opponent.

Team Cockpit

Burning Legend DaiVoyager
Exclusive to 'Boukenger vs. Super Sentai.' Along with with the powers of the five recruited Sentai members and Eiji, AkaRed acted as a vessel to power called 'Super Sentai Soul' that transformed DaiVoyager. This allowed Burning Legend DaiVoyager to defeat Chronos.